Support to Govt. High School, Yelahanka, Bangalore, Karnataka



10-11-2007: RAYS NGO provided basic furniture (one table and one chair per class) and some teaching materials to Yelahanka School. We have to visit the school once and have to get the requirements and some snaps of the school.

Volunteer: Shyam

28-07-2007: RAYS said that they will help in providing basic furniture (one table and one chair per class) and some teaching materials. Vineel is in contact with the RAYS.

01-07-2007: 450 students are there from 1st - 7th class. They have only five teachers so appointed 1 volunteer and paying Rs.1500.They got food from ISKCON freely. The vessels are big so they need Maid to wash the dishes who charges around Rs.700. The school does not have sufficient Furniture. They have only 2 tables, 10 plastic chairs and 3 lockers. So many students have been dropped because lack of facilities for Higher Education. They are looking for funds to construct the classes for 8th-10th Standard.

They have requested us for two teacher volunteers and one maidservant. We decided to pay for one teacher volunteer and one maidservant.

There is an organization called "RAYS” (name came from Rig-Veda, Atharwana Veda, Yajur Veda, and Sam Veda) which finds Government schools, which are in very pathetic conditions, and helps them by providing the basic necessaries, which are required. Vineel will talk to them regarding this school and then basing on their response, we will take our actions..


2 volunteers (2k *2= Rs.4k)

Maid (Rs.700)



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