Support to Students @ Neo Standard School, Agapura, Hyderabad, AP

Domestic Helper in Prasanthi's house, Leela, requested for financial support for her son and for the children of her brother and sister. Vonumu Foundation helped Leela's son, Shiva Kumar. We (TMAD group) helped the children of Leela's brother and sister.

Last year when we visited, Mr. Kishore, Principal of the school, felt very happy for our service. He gave us 10% concession. He also referred a girl, Farhana Sulatana, who was studying 9th Class. For her he didn't take the term fee too.

This year he suggested three more students apart from Farhana Sultana (10th Class, 300 Rs.). Nisha (8th Class, 225 Rs.) C. Upendar (8th Class, 225 Rs.) and Ibrahim (9th Class, 250 Rs.)

School Details

Neo Standard Public School, Agapura, Hyderabad. Near Yusuf Durga, Besides SBI. Ph: 91-040-32401859

Kishore, Principal,91-93913-25272

Fee Payment Details

On July 6th, 2007, we paid the six month school fee and one term fee of the 4 children.

Name of the StudentClassMonthly FeeNumber of MonthsTotal
Mounica 3rd Class 160 6 Rs.   960
Sai Prakash 3rd Class 160 6 Rs.   960
Rajashree 6th Class 180 6 Rs. 1080
Gyan Prakash 8th Class 225 6 Rs. 1350
First Term Fee for 4 children (100 * 4) Rs.   400
Total Rs. 4750
10% Concession Rs.   475
Total amount we paid Rs. 4275

Remaining amount that we have to pay

Name of the StudentClassMonthly FeeNumber of MonthsTotal
Farhana Sultana 10th Class 300 12 Rs.   3600
Nisha 8th Class 225 12 Rs.   2700
C. Upendar 8th Class 225 12 Rs.   2700
Ibrahim 9th Class 250 12 Rs.   3000
Six months fee for 4 children (Mounica, Sai Prakash, Rajashree and Gyanprakash) Rs.   4350
Second and Third Term Fee (100 * 4 * 2) Rs.     800
Total Rs. 17150
10% Concession Rs.   1715
Total amount we have to pay Rs. 15435

Note:Mr. Kishore didn't take any term fee for the four children referred by him. He said that it is his contribution. For the students referred by us, he has given 10% concession even in the term fee.

Volunteers:Prasanthi, Dr. Nagarjuna

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