Support to Poor Children @ Vyayamashala School, Nampally, Hyderabad, AP

On April 9th, Ratanji referred this case to our group. Poor lady is having 2 daughters. One is LKG and the other is in Class-I. Husband is an auto-driver, takes the auto on daily-rent and spends the money on drinking after paying off the auto-rent. He suggests to pull out the daughters from school as he is not interested to fund them for studies. The mother, being interested in education of the kids, saves whatever she can and sends the kids to school. She walks 5km one-way everyday so that she can save Rs.3 on bus-fare. Ratanji assured her that he will pay her bus-fare every month and she need not walk down. Her concern was the monthly fee, uniform and books for the kids.

One of our US members, Uday Bhaskar, has sent Rs. 1000 for this case. Ratanji's friend, Bharadwaj, contributed Rs. 2000. This case is taken up by SHiFT and supported by TMAD.

In a nutshell

Name of the student: Chekitha

Class: UKG

Name of the student: Nikitha 

Class: Second Class

School: Vyayamashala High School, Nampally 

Phone Number: 91-040-23214786

Date on which the first instalment was paid: June 29, 2007

Fee Structure:

Note: Admission Fee inlcudes one term Fee and one month school fee

Admission Fee for Nikitha, Second Class: 870

Admission Fee for Chekitha, UKG: 830

Monthly Fee for Nikitha: 185

Monthly Fee for Chekitha: 165

6 months fee for Nikitha: 1110 @185 * 6

6 months fee for Chekitha:990 @ 165 * 6

Term Fee for Nikitha: 185

Two Terms Fee for Chekitha: 165

Two Terms Fee for Nikitha: 370 @ 185 * 2

Term Fee for Chekitha: 330 @ 165 * 2

Total school fees: 1700 + 2100 + 700 = 4500

Books for Nikitha = 313 + 10 (Cover Roll) = 323

Books for Chekitha = 389 + 10 (Cover Roll) = 399

Total Amount spent on books = 722 - 72 (Discount given by bookseller) = Rs.650

So the total expenses so far is Rs.4500 + Rs.650 = Rs.5150

The amount we have yet to pay on January 2008:

Remaining Monthly Fee: Rs. 1750 (Rs. 185 * 5 + Rs. 165 * 5)

Books for Nikitha: Rs. 300 (some books were not available initially)

Details of Contribution:

Uday Bhaskar (TMAD Member) : Rs. 1000

Bharadwaj (SHiFT Member) : Rs. 2000

TMAD Group Fund: Rs. 2075

SHiFT Fund: Rs. 75

Our Comment

Admission fee, term fees for the whole year and monthly fees till December 2007 was paid.


Ratan Kumar Singh of SHiFT. You can contact him @ 91-98489-95091, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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