Distribution of School Kits @ Anikepalli Slum, Hyderabad, AP

We came to know 23 children in Anikepalli slum who are waiting for support. We visited the slum and found that most of them are studying in a private school instead of the govt. school which is nearby. The fee is high and so intead of paying their school fee, we thought of helping them with note books, bags and other stationery.

Our team visited Anikepalli few times, taught lessons to them. But we could not continue that as the place is very far to our volunteers.

Ratan ji suggested a book store in SR Nagar and they gave us concession. We actually bought two sets of books for each student to be distributed to them two times, the second time after half-yearly. But we distributed only once. We have one set of books with us.

Source of Information: August 20, 2006

Date we bought :September 6, 2006

Date we distributed : September 7, 2006

Name:Anikepalli School

Contact Address:Anikepalli Govt. School, On Chilkur Road

Expenditure Details:

  • Bags : Rs. 1000
  • Note books: Rs. 2625
  • Stationary (Geometry Boxes, Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Slates, 12 short books) - Rs. 915

Money Spent:Rs. 4540

Source:Group Fund

Volunteers: Prasanthi, Murali, Jairam, Srinivas, Shiv Shankar, Ratan, Ram Prasad

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