Neo Standard Public School Children


Mrs. Leela, a servant maid who works in one of our volunteers' Prasanthi's house, referred her siblings' children to the group. She requested financial support for their education.

We spoke with the Principal, Mr. Kishore. We told him that we are a group of friends raising money from our own salaries and see if he can give us any concession. We also told him that we can sponsor any kids who belong to hawkers' or servant maid families provided if he can give us concession. He said he knows two more such children. He told that he will definitely give us 10% concession on the whole amount.

The school timings are 8:15 am to 2:30 pm.

Source of Information: Mrs. Leela

Date of News : September 15, 2006

Dates we paid the fee: Jan 19, 2007

Name:Neo Standard Public School, Near Nampally, Hyderabad

Contact Address:Neo Standard Public School, Board of Intermediate Education turn, Yousuf Baba Durgah, Agapura Road, Near Jubilee High School and SBI

Contact Number:32401859 (School)


Expenditure Details:

We sponsored 5 children, 4 children are the relatives of Ms. Leela and another child is referred by Principal Kishore himself.

First Instalment:

Two in 2nd class, one in 5th class, one in 7th class and the other one in 9th class.

150/month for 2nd class, 170/month for 5th class and 200/month for 7th class. Also there is a term fee of 100 rs once in 4 months and we have to pay 300 rs. for each child for the year.

Monthly Fee: 150*11 + 150*11 + 170 *11 + 200 *11 = 7370

Term Fee: 300 + 300 + 300 + 300 = 1200

So it amounts to: 8570 Rs. on the whole (only school fee and term fee).

Concession on it @10% would be 857 Rs. and the amount that we should pay will be 7713 Rs.

We paid only Rs. 3650 for the four children in first installment

For Farhana, the girl referred by the Principal, we paid Rs. 2700 towards 9th class fee. It includes Examination Fee and School Fee. He gave concession on Term Fee.

Second Instalment:

We paid Rs. 4400

Money Spent: Rs. 10, 750

2700 (Farhana) + 3650 (Four Children - FI) + 4400 (Four Children - SI)

Source:Group Fund

Volunteers: Prasanthi, Dr. Sundar, Anil Veeragandham

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