Sravani, MBBS, Saroor Nagar, Ranga Reddy, AP

Documents and Receipts

26 Mar-2014 Sravani has completed her MBBS graduation course and is currently doing her internship. Sravani has sent a thanking mail to TMAD. We thank all donors for supporting Sravani and the thanks goes to all who have supported this case.

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Needy Appreciation Notes:

Thank you so much for your valuable support,because of your support only I could reach my dream.I am very thankful to TMAD group especially Anil garu and Prashanti garu.after I settle down I will surely help the people in need because I came to know the value of help with your support.:)

07-Oct-2013: TMAD would like to thank all donors who contributed INR 59,000 towards Sravani College fee. Entire list of donors for this case is as below:




Krishna Poreddy


Adarsh Padegal


Mahesh Seelam


Venkatesh Pallepati


Sitaram Jakka


Sudhakar Vaka


UV Krishna Prasad


Jaikishore Tunga


Reshma Begum P


Charan Kumar Raja


Pyda V Pavan Kumar


Lavakumar Alladi


Srinivas Maddu







Volunteer: Anil Kumar BVN (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


20-08-2013 - Sravani recieved INR 6,000 more from Kacheguda Hostel which donates her every year.  So, total funds required as on date is INR 59,000

21-07-2013: Sravani received INR 40,000 from group of donors working in IT. Sravani still requires INR 65,000.

12-06-2013: Sravani requested TMAD for RS 105000 to support her Final MBBS tution fee.  She recieved Rs 100000 from other NGO's. Total fee amount required was Rs 205000.

We have been supporting sravani for past 3 years. She approached us this year also for her final year MBBS fee.

Are you willing to support her directly?? The cheque has to be in the name of college

"Mediciti institute of medical sciences, medchal."

Volunteer: ArunKanth K




10-11-2012: Sravani managed to pay this year MBBS Tuition fee with the help of couple of NGOs & donors.

TMAD coordinated with Nestama group and NRIVA group. Nestama group supported for 30k and NRIVA supported for 27k.

Sravani managed to collected the remaining amount with the help of other NGOs like KAT, Kachiguda Vysya Hostel and few other kind hearted donors.

03-09-2012: She managed to pay another 45k. She requires another 1L 5K.

18-08-2012: As on today Sravani paid 55k as part of the fee with the help of Nesthama group, Kachiguda Vysya Hostel for girls and from their home contribution. She still requires support for 1.5L.

06-08-2012: We got a request from Sravani to support her 4th term college fee of 2Lakhs 5Thousand Rupees. We have been supporting her from past three years.

10-08-2011: We coordinated with other NGOs (Nestama, NRIVA, LIONS Club Siddipet and Kasi Annapoorna Trust) and they helped her for remaining amount.

With huge support from donors and kind hearted, we had raised funds for the Sravani's college fee completely.


Donor Name Contribution (in Rs.)
Shobha Nandula 1000
Prasanth V 1000
Vindhya Pathi 1000
Santhosh Kumar Alladi 5000
Krishnam Raju Thirumala 1000
Vinutha 1000
Krishna Poreddy 1000
Anusha Akaveeti 15000
U V Krishna Prasad 500
V Sandeep 1000
VVSN Sitaram Gupta 1000
N Jagadheeshwar Reddy 1000
Jaya Simha 700
A Lakshmi Durga 2500
Hari Kishan 1000
V Manohar Reddy 1350
Hemanth 300
S.Sravani 200
P SivaRam Prasad 2000
Chandrakanth 1000
Total 38550


23-06-2011: Sravani, who is doing her 2nd year MBBS, is looking for support to her 3rd year MBBs.  MBBS is 4 and half year course, they have to pay fee 5 times. As 2nd year is long year as a course, she will write her externals in Jan 2012 but she will have to pay 3rd year course fee of Rs. 2Laksh before 30th June. She got permission from Principal to pay the fee after one month.

Family Status: Brother presently working as a "Trainee-Consultant" at ECIL on contract basis and his take home is Rs. 5500 per month. Sister working as a software Engineer at Valuelabs, Hitech city and her take home salary is Rs.25000 per month.

Both of them completed education on loans and paying their EMI's and so the salaries are not sufficient to pay Sravani's Education Fees. Also, the family runs on brother and sister's salary only. They mentioned that they couldn't get finance for her sister education because of these factors.

12-11-2010: With huge support from donors and kind hearted, we could raise funds for the Sravani's fee completely Rs.75000


Donor Name Contribution (in Rs.)
Nesthama Group 13000
NRIVA 5000
Pradeep Reddy D 15000
LIONS CLUB (Siddipet) 13000
Sagar Prasad 12300
Sravani’s Relatives 17000
Total 75300


12-10-2010: Our volunteer Sujatha went to Sravani's house, talked to her parents, neighbors and confirmed her details. We forwarded Sravani’s details to our friends and NGOs for help.

11-10-2010: Our volunteer Lakshman visited college and got information from the Senior Medical Students that she really needs support for studies as she is poor. And also she is a good student who works hard. Even we got the information that she utilizes the money very effectively keeping her condition in view. Sravani and Lakshman requested Principal to get more time to pay the fee. He agreed for that.

10-10-2010: Our volunteer Sai Prasad N’s colleague Pradeep Reddy D shared the details of Sravani as below.

Name: Aitha Sravani
Father Name: Aitha Krishna Murthy
Father Occupation: He had a general store in which they got loss after that he worked as a supervisor in pipes manufacturing company of their relatives. He was affected by Polio recently. Surgery was done to him in NIMS hospital under Aarogya Sree scheme. Presently he is taking bed rest and even he can't walk.
Mother Name: Lakshmi
Mother Occupation: house wife
Brother Details: completed Btech EIE (searching for a job)
Sister Details: Employee in small company (B.Tech ECE), earning Rs.7000 per month
SSC Marks: 93%
Intermediate Marks: 93%
EAMCET Rank: 1506
Qualification: 2nd year MBBS
College Name: MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS), Ghanpur (V), Medchal (M), Ranga Reddy (Dt), AP
Course Fee: Rs.2 Lakhs and Rs.5,000 is Admission Fee
Last Date to Pay: 11-10-2010
Help required for: She joined this course with the support of her relatives. They had Rs. 1, 30,000 now and require Rs.75, 000 towards 2nd year MBBS course fee.

Donor Name Contribution (in Rs.)
Sravani Relatives 55000
Sravani Family 20000
Total 130000

There are no opportunities of bank loans because previously her sister and brother used loans for their education.

Volunteer: Anil Kumar BVN, Bangalore @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please raise your helping hand to support him and forward to all of your friends. Even Rs.100 also makes lot of difference in his life.

1) Donors having A/c in India, please transfer to below NGO account.

Account No: 000801210382
Branch: Khairatabad, Hyderabad

Note: Please mention “Sravani MBBS Support” in the bank transaction details and drop a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the amount transaction details, your Full name, Address and contact no to issue a receipt for your donation which is eligible for exemption from Income Tax U/s 80G

2) Donation from foreign A/c, please mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if interested to donate, looking forward for your kind support

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