Simhachalam, B.Ed, Vepada, Vijayanagaram, AP

Documents and Fee Receipts


Donor Amount
Kishore Kumar Javvaji 3000
Harinath Mallepally 1000
Chiru Vuppala 500
Harish Velamati 1715
Nanduri Srinivas 3000
Srikanth Sangireddy 1000
Kamalnath 1000
Shilpa Pagadala 1000
Santosh Alladi 2000
Bhanu Prakash Chunduri 2000
Dinesh Kumar 1000
Praveen Swale 100
Srinivasulu Thumsi 100
Satish Y 350
Ramya Venkat 300
Ramesh Akula 100
RajaSekhar Nanduri 4500
Harish Velamati 4500
Total 27165


02-12-2019: Simhachalam secured Office Subordinate position in Panchayatraj in Visakhapatnam. We wish him all the success. Thanks to all donors who had helped him all the way.


08-05-2014: Simhachalam secured 47/150 and Failed in TET exam. Now he is trying for private teacher jobs based on his B.Ed.


16-03-2014: He wrote TET exams in march for this he asked TMAD to support for his scribe and travel expenses.So,our volunteer send money to him for his expenses.

Expenses: Rs 700

Donor: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

11-01-2013: We sent Rs: 9000.00 to Simhachalam for 3 months DSC coaching food and accommodation expenses with the help of given donors.

Expenses: Rs 9000

Donor: Rajasekhar Nanduri, Harish Velamati

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

08-01-2013: Simhachalam called and told that he is planning to go DSC coaching in Vijayanagaram for 3 months. After telling his financial condition Institute management “ Wish DSC coaching center “agreed to provide 3 months coaching without fee.

But as a VC (Visually Challenged person) it’s critical to travel daily from his home to Institute. So he is planning to stay at Vijayanagaram during this coaching period, for that he need Rs: 3000.00 per month for food and accommodation, so he requested us to support for that amount.

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

07-01-2013: Simhachalam passed his B.Ed exams in second class.


Volunteer: Kishore kumar Javvaji


03-09-2012: After struggling a lot with the college mgmt , finding the scribe and getting thehall ticket hesuccessfully completed his B.Ed exams with the help of scribe who comes from vizag to kottavalasa everyday for his exams.Now he is preparing for TET and DSC exams that are going to happen in January 2013.


Expenses: 1500 (Scribe fee)


Donor: Pavan Pyda


Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji


18-07-2012: He informed us he is suffering from malaria fever ,even due to lack of money he is not in a position to buy healthy food. He also said he is attending VC (Visually Challenged) revivification at Andhra University along with one of the college faculty So that University will arrange Scribe while writing B.Ed test. So he has to take care of his expenses on that day. He need to renewal his bus pass as well.


Expenses: Rs 2000


Donor & Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji


03-07-2012: Due to the negligence of the scribe, for not mentioning his OMR sheet number in the examination hall given by the examiner he didn't get result so he will be appearing for the next TET exams in the December/ January 2013.

Volunteer: Kishore kumar Javvaji

30-06-2012: He got his TET results but didn't find his number in it and he said he will update about it in couple of days.

10-06-2012: Supported to get BA Consolidated marks list.
Expenses: Rs.950
Donors: Sathish Y, Akula Ramesh, Praveen Swale, Srinivasulu Thumsi and Ramya Venkat
Volunteer: Kishore kumar Javvaji

01-06-2012: He called and said he wrote the Test well and expecting the results in the last week of the June.He is planning to apply for Group-2 exams, requested TMAD an amount of Rs.950 for getting the BA Consolidated marks list which he needs for applying Group-2 exams.
Volunteers: Kishore kumar Javvaji

07-05-2012: Local donors provided Rs.1085. So,we provided remaining amount for buying the books.
Expenses: Rs 5715
Volunteers: Kishore kumar Javvaji

24-04-2012: we paid the college of Rs.11, 500. Still he needs some money for buying records, text books and audiocassettes Simhachalam expressed his happiness in the form of tears and said thanks to TMAD.
Expenses: Rs 11,500
Volunteers: Eenadu S.Kota reporter Raju, Kishore kumar Javvaji

15-04-2012: He got concession in the college fee after our volunteer talked to the college management.
Volunteers: Eenadu S.Kota reporter Raju, Kishore kumar Javvaji

12-02-2012: He sent all his educational certificates and the required documents. He said one of donor is providing him Rs 5000.
Volunteers: Kishore kumar Javvaji

10-04-2012: This case was published in Eenadu on 9th APR 2012 - Page 5th Vijayanagaram (Srungavarapukota Edition). Through Eenadu Hyderabad reporter we collected concerned reporter details Mr. Rama Raju who published this article and he gave Simhachalam contact details. He said only 2 people responded and promised to help him Rs 1000 each. We called Simhachalam and got below details.
Volunteers: Eenadu S.Kota reporter Raju, Kishore kumar Javvaji

Needy Details:

Name: Mr. Simhachalam
Age: 36 yrs
Place: Kumpalli (Vi), Vepada (M), Vijayanagaram (Dt)
Contact number: +91-8978349493
Qualification: BA (Politics), MA (Politics), and MA (Sociology)
Current Education: Doing B.Ed in Y.K. B.Ed College, Srungavarapukota, Vijayanagaram (Dt)
Parents: No more.
Need Support for: B.Ed college fee (Total amount he requires is: Rs 23000) while joining the college he paid an amount of Rs 5000 with the help of donors
Need to pay this fee amount before: 20th APR 2012.
History: To survive he does oil business (Making and selling based on orders) through which he is getting Rs: 500 per month. Currently he is staying in his sister’s house and getting food by giving provisions to them as they are also daily labors. His B.Ed exams in June/July -2012 even he is eligible for TET Exam which is going to held on 31st May 2012 and DSC - December -12.
In the year of 1991 a fire accident occurred in his home in which he lost his 10th and Inter marks lists he applied for duplicates but he did not get them till now. So, through Lawyer notary he took age proof and completed his B.A. So, he doesn’t have 10th and Inter mark lists.
In the year of 1995-1998 while doing his Degree in Vizag he worked as a Lecturer in United Christian Interior Mission (Blind College), at that time he got a job offer as a Clerk in Collector office through Employment Exchange. As his parents are uneducated they unknowingly do not informed him about the job offer so he lost it.

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