Dharmaraju, Kaviti, Nandigam Mandal, Srikakulam, AP



Donor Name


Roopesh Sompalli


Anne Sreekanth


Lakshmi Sowjanya Raja


TMAD Group Fund





01-11-2014: sent monthly expenses

Expenses: Rs 2,000

10-10-2014: sent monthly expenses

Expenses: Rs 2,000

13-09-2014: sent monthly expenses

Expenses: Rs 2,000

23-08-2014: Sent monthly expenses

Expenses: Rs 2,000

15-07-2014:We sent 10,000 for coaching fee and monthly expenses. He joined Sri Sai Aditya Coaching Center for DSC 2014, Kakinada.

             Actual coaching fee is Rs 8000 but after discussing with management they reduced Rs.500, so we paid Rs: 7500 and the remaining 2500 for his monthly expenses for food. He is staying near to coaching center with his friends.

01-07-2014:Dharmaraju requested us to support for DSC coaching.

volunteers: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

Thanks to all donors who supported Dharmaraju

TMAD is very happy and proud to inform that Dharmaraju passed TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) with a score of 111/150.

04-09-2013: Sent money for monthly expenses for the months of September and October.He is preparing for DEd, TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) and DSc exams.

Expenses: Rs 3000

Donors: Dr. H.K.S.Kumar Chunduri - Rs 2000, B. Saritha - Rs 500, TMAD - Rs 500

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar javvaji

01-08-2013: Sent money for monthly expenses and TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) study material.

Expenses: Rs 2000

Donor: TMAD Group fund

Volunteer: Kishore kumar Javvaji

05-07-2013: Sent money for monthly expenses and for paying practicals fee.

Expenses: Rs 3000

Monthly Expenses: Rs 1500

Practicals Fee: Rs 500

Teacher Learning Material: Rs 800

TET Exam fee: Rs 200

Donor: TMAD Group fund

Volunteer: Kishore kumar Javvaji

03-05-2013: Sent money for monthly expenses.

Expenses: Rs 500

01-04-2013: Paid mess fee

Expenses:  Rs 1500

18-02-2013: Sent Money for the expenses of next 2 months and the books he bought.

Expenses: Rs 3500




Roopesh Sompalli


K.V. Vadiraj


Saritha B


Ajay Surya Kongara





Volunteers: Prasanthi and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

31-01-2013: Dharmaraju called us and said like they are going to a Government schools for teaching practice in the part of their course. There they are teaching English and Maths for 6th and 7thclass students.

He bought few books and materials

Expenses: Rs 432

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

10-01-2013: Sent Rs 3000 to meet his monthly mess fee for 2 months.

Expenses: Rs 3000

Donor: Roopesh Sompalli

01-12-2012: Sent Rs 1500 to his monthly expenses. He informed us he got 73% in 1st year exams.

Expenses: Rs 1500

Donor: Harish Velamati

Volunteers: Prasanthi and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

29-10-2012: sent money for his expenses and training.

Expenses: Rs 1700
Donors: Ajay Surya Kongara(Rs 1300) and Kishore Kumar Javvaji(Rs 400)
Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji
25-10- 2012: He requested us to support for his monthly expenses(Rs:1500.00) and to pay fee for Teaching Practice Training Rs: 200.
Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji



Anil Kumar Punukollu


Kamalnath N


Sarvanan R




25-09-2012: Supported him for his monthly expenses and for buying the book.

Expenses: Rs 2150

Donors: Pavan Pyda(Rs 1524) and Ajay surya Kongara (Rs 626)

20-09-2012: He requested us for monthly expenses Rs 1500 and to buy 2nd year book which costs around Rs: 650.00.

12-08-2012: We sent Rs 1500 to his monthly expenses.

Donor: Ajay Surya Kongara

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar javvaji

18-07-2012: We sent Rs 1000 to his monthly expenses.

Donor: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

10-07-2012: Supported Rs.7400 for paying 1st year exam fee, 2nd year college fee and he require Rs.1500 for monthly expenses.

Volunteers: Kamalnath N, Shivaji and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

08-07-2012: He requested support for 1st year exam fee, 2nd year college fee and monthly expenses


Donor Name Contribution (in Rs.)
Santhosh Kumar Alladi 5000
Ramesh Akula 1000

01-03-2012: We gave Rs.2000 towards his expenses.

01-02-2012: We gave Rs.2000 towards his expenses.

10-01-2012: We gave Rs.2000 towards his expenses

05-01-2012: Our volunteer got a call from Dharma Raju for paying Rs.2000 (room rent and food expenses).

Volunteer: Kishore Javvaji

15-05-2011: We are able to talk to Dharmaraju with the help of Eenadu Reporter (Rama Krishna) and find below details.

Name: Tadela Dharma Raju

Date of Birth: 16/01/1994

Education Qualification: Teacher Training Course, First Year

Marks obtained so far:


Course Obtained Marks Total Marks Percentage
SSC (10th) 448 600 75
Intermediate (12th) 852 1000 85


Father Name: Late Surya Narayana

Mother Name: Mahalakshmi

Mother Occupation: Daily Labor

Mother Income per month: Rs.3000

Sibling’s Details: One sister got married and one younger brother studying Intermediate.

Total Family Income per month: Rs.3000

Current Status: One Donor Ajay Surya came forward to help Dhrama Raju to pay Admission fee to join TTC (Teacher Training Course) and hostel fee for few months at The Mother Integral College of Elementary Teacher Education, Aryavatatam, Kajuluru(M), East Godavari (Dt). He still needs help for paying monthly Room rent and food expenses.

Life Ambition: To become a Teacher

The reason to choose this course: Serve the society and to survive his family

The needy’s view to help others: Once he get settled, he would like to help the needy.

Volunteer: Kishore Javvaji

13-05-2011: This article is published in Eenadu Tamil Nadu edition, Page 9 with title “Amma Chaduvu manpinchake”.

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