Test Papers Distribution to SSC Students


We, TMAD volunteers, came to know about Govt. High School in Avancha way back in 2013 (20th August) through Mr. Narasimha Rao, husband of Madhavi garu, who is working as Physical Science teacher in Avancha school. We made a visit on 16th September, 2013 and published in BosF forum and  posted to couple of Corporate CSRs but couldn't take it forward for one reason or other.


This year on 25th Feb, we approached again about distributing test papers to SSC children so that the success rate in exams can be enhanced and it would be useful for children. They welcomed the idea and gave us information. 


When we asked about other govt. schools, we came to know that it would be same scenario more or less in all the schools in villages. So we considered one more school, which is the high school for girls in Hatnoora.


One set consists of seven test papers, one for each subject: Telugu, Hindi, English, Match, Physical Science, Biology and Social Studies


Driving Directions:

From Patancheru - > Jannaram - > Daulatabad 

From Daulatabad, we need to take a turn towards Narsapur and from there near Mangapur, we can find Avancha

From Daulatabad, if we go straight for 4 kms, Hatnoora Girls High School is near the main road itself towards right. Besides this school, there is a govt. hostel for SC/ST boys.


Phone Numbers:

Avancha School:

Headmaster: T. Pratap Reddy – 9247297973 ; Teacher: Madhavi –9989228736

Hatnoora School (ZP Girls High School):

Headmistress: Jayasudha – 9491994842

Source of Information: February 25, 2015

Date we Bought: February 28, 2015 

Date we Distributed : February 28, 2015

Expenditure Details:

Cost of one set of Telugu Medium Test Papers is Rs. 185

Cost of one set of English Medium Test Papers is Rs. 230

We purchased 70 TM sets and 12 EM sets.

Total: Rs. 15,710

There is no transportation cost as our volunteers, Vara Prasad, Koteshwar and Prasanthi used their cars for procuring and transporting books and for the visit.


Money Spent: Rs. 15, 710


Sumalatha Yaski - Rs. 10,019

Srivathsala - Rs. 900

Jeevan Kumar Katakam - Rs. 100

Satkaarya Foundation - Rs. 4,691

Total - Rs. 15,710

Volunteers who Particpated in the Activity: Prasanthi, Vara Prasad, Koteshwar, Narasimha, Santosh Rangula, Mubeen, Bhavani and Raj Kiran

Volunteers who Helped in Co-ordination: Raghavendra Artham, Amitesh Yadav, Mohan Kumar Varadarajan, Imtiyaz Shareef Mohammed, Prasad Avantsa

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