Srinivas Nayak, BDS, Kamaram Thanda, Medak, AP


Related Documents

24-08-2015: Paid for equipment / instruments to complete final year clinical posting (4 depts.)

Expenses: Rs 14,335

Donor: Srinivas Kolluru

Volunteer: Pavan Pyda

13-05-2015: Paid course fee.

Expenses: Rs 2,800

Donor: Pyda V Pavan Kumar

18-11-2014: Paid final year course fee.

Expenses: Rs 5,000

Donor: Pyda V Pavan Kumar

01-12-2012: Sent money to pay exam fee.

Expenses: Rs 21,000

Donor: TMAD Group Fund

Volunteers: Prasanthi Uppalapati, Hemanth and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

25-11-2012: He requested to pay the arrears exam fee.

11-08-2012: We deposited Rs 5,000 to his account.

Volunteers: Prasanthi and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

08-08-2012: Srinivas Naik requested us to support to his 2nd year BDS fee Rs 5,000

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

30-06-2012: EAMCET results are announced and he got 18064 rank.

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

26-06-2012: Supported Rs.800 to pay room rent.

25-06-2012: Requested money to pay room rent of Rs.800 as he is unable to go to

job due to exams.

21-05-2012: Paid the college fee of Rs.2500 and collected the receipt from college management.

Volunteers: Shivaji and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

28-03-2012:Rs.1100 was sent to srinivas nayak .

Donor: Mr. Achuth kumar

Volunteers: Kishore Kumar Javvaji, Geetika and Dr. Hemanth

27-03-2012: He called us and informed that after college he is working in Ragavendra Cloth showroom in Sangareddy (Medak Dt) as a part time sales man for 3 hours for which he get Rs.1200 per month to survive

He also informed us that his case is coming for hearing soon and the lawyer suggested him to write the EAMCET this year so that he can get MBBS seat in next year counseling else he will not get MBBS seat. Nayak requested Rs.1100 for buying EAMCET application and for paying room rent.

Volunteers: Kishore Kumar Javvaji, Geetika and Dr. Hemanth

03-03-2012: Rs.800 was sent for him to pay room rent.

Volunteers: Kishore Kumar Javvaji, Geetika and Dr. Hemanth

06-02-2012: He requested us to send money for paying room rent as his family financial condition is not good as his father died in an accident and his mother is not going to work so, we transferred Rs.800 for paying room rent.

Volunteers: Kishore Kumar Javvaji, Geetika and Dr. Hemanth

5-12-2011: We supported Naik to buy Medical instruments.
Expenses: Rs.4340
Volunteers: Shivaji Challa and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

13-11- 2011: We collected the book Orbans Oral Histology and Embryology By G S Kumar book from Mahathi and handed over to Naik. He can take care of other two books with the help of Seniors and Library at College. Thanks a lot to Mahathi.
Volunteers: Anil Kumar BVN and Kishore Kumar Javvaji

5-11- 2011: We supported Naik to buy Lab Records and waiting for Mahathi’s support who is a friend of our volunteer Anilkumar BVN and doing MBBS
Expenses: Rs.1000

1-11 2011: Srinivas Naik collected 5 books from Sravani and one from his friend. He needs below 3 books and Lab Instruments which costs around Rs.5500.

1. DADH -Orbans Oral Histology -Wheelers Anatomy
2. DM - Philips Anusavaice
3. Osteology - Satya prasad (Vol-2)

Volunteer: Kishore Kumar Javvaji

26-10-2011: We called Sravani and she is ready to give 5 books out of 9 and one book Naik is going to get it from friend’s friend in Narayanguda.

25-10-2011: Naik requested Text books, Lab records and Instruments for his 1st year BDS course which costs around Rs.12000. As few subjects are common to MBBS as well, so we will
check with Sravani who is doing MBBS currently with our support for old books. We will check with our friends as well.

Required Books:

1. Anatomy (Volume 1)
2. Anatomy (Volume 3) - B.D.Chaurasia
3. Physiology - Sembulingam
4. Bio-Chemistry - U.Satyanarayana
5. DADH -Orbans Oral Histology -Wheelers Anatomy
6. DM - Philips Anusavaice
7. Embryology - IB Singh
8. Osteology - Satya prasad (Vol-2)
9. Histology - IB Singh

Volunteers: Anil Kumar BVN, Shivaji Challa and Kishore Kumar Javvaji



30-08-2011: Rs. 15.500.00 was given to him for his college fee.



26-08-2011: Today he went to MNR College - Sangareddy to join BDS (which he changed this college in 2nd counseling from Megana college Nizamabad). They asked him Rs: 15,500.00 fee (College fee 5500.00 and Deposit 10,000.00) for this last day is 27th Aug 11. If we can't pay this amount by tomorrow evening seat will be going to cancel.

College management is saying that if he gets MBBS seat in next counseling (sports) they will refund 10K but not 5500.00. So we are trying to request management for at least 3 to 4 days. So if they can't agree with that we have to pay total amount by tomorrow.



24-08-2011: Rs: 1200.00 was given to Naik for Lawyer fee .Still case is going in High Court. Next hearing will come on this Monday.



23-08-2011: He came back to Hyderabad along with RTI - speed post but when we saw that letter we observed that all the details are incomplete and not clear.



22-08-2011: Rs.200.00 was given to him to go home and bring the post which is sent by NTR University.



21-08-2011: Naik got BDS seat in MNR college - Sangareddy in second medicine general counseling.



20-08-2011: NTR Health University listed eligible candidate under sports category for Medicine counseling. In that as per rank order Srinvas naik is 17th member but as per priority 11th person. So chances are there to get MBBS seat under sports quota. We are expecting the counseling under sports quota will be held on 1st week of September.

NTR University people called Naik and said that they had sent speed post to his home I;e details about that are in your RTI application.



16-08-2011: Naik went to University and tried to meet PIO Ravindra kumar garu but he is on leave that day so he met PRO- Satyanarayana garu then he advised him to meet Admission cell then he met Subba rao garu and asked the details on Emergency RTI. He said I will send that details in 2 days by post but he required it urgently, so he met Vice Chancellor personal assistant Rani garu given the Counter file on emergency RTI (The First Appellate Authority application) along with copy of previous application, took a seal and return back.



15-08-2011: We decided to file a counter on emergency RTI 48 hours in NTR Health University. So we took help from ITMD Shyam garu to prepare RTI application. Praveen gave Rs: 1000 to Naik for going to Vijayawada to file Counter file on Emergency RTI.



10-08-2011: Naik met KCR as well through Harish Rao, he took all the details from him and said like he will fax the letter to NTR University



09-08-2011: TV9 people took an interview from Naik @ Assembly in detail and said it will be telecasted at any time today. After noon he met Kishan reddy but he gave letter on his letter head I;e requesting the University people to give information about counseling process for sports category students. Naik also met SFI people they said to come on 11thand will arrange press meet on this.



08-08-2011: Naik went to TV9 and Sakshi as well. TV9 people said to meet any one of your leader and Sakshi people said go and meet our reporters in Vijayawada. Naik tried to meet MLA Kishan reddy through Sivanna but they said to him to come tomorrow.



07-08-2011: Still we don’t satisfy with their answer so we approached to Sakshi Satya babu garu and shared all the details with him as well. We requested to Naik to meet Jr. Doctors association in Gandhi hospital but they said to come and meet on Tuesday.



06-08-2011: We called Vinay garu (Geral beuro hyd Eenadu) and asked about update on this case. He enquired with university people and said same thing like under sports quota we get only 13 seats in 0.5% instead of 16 seats (3370 seats) and counseling people can follow the reservation University wise instead of state wide while calculating the seats allotment so you can get only 13 seats in sports category. Also in the total seats 100 were reduced as counseling did not happened to Srikakulam College.



05-08-2011: He filed emergency RTI in University and came back to Hyderabad. We sent all the documents in detailed to Eenadu Ramakrishna garu and requested him to help in this case. He gave some contact details in a particular department in Eenadu itself and he also forwarded these details to them as well.



04-08-2011: Naik attended Sports certificates verification in Vijayawada NTR University along with Dr. Hemanth and they gave priority as 27. So he has some confidence this time to get seat. Eenadu people met him in the morning as well but we didn’t get proper support from them. TV9 people also took an interview from him and he requested them to make justice for ST people in MBBS Counseling.



02-08-2011: Lawyer Sai Kumar prepared the required documentation meanwhile we approached media as well. (Eenadu,Gemini and ABN)



01-08-2011: Finally we found one High court lawyer Mr. Sai kumar he asked us RS.4000 to file the case. So Naik met me in this morning, I gave Rs: 2500.00 and he met Sai kumar, gave Rs: 2000.00 to file the case against NTR Health University counseling process.


Volunteer: Kishore Kumar



31-07-2011: Naik is eligible person to get MBBS seat under ST sports quota but due to University people miss management he lost his seat last year. So this year also situation looks like that. Due to which we decided to do something for him to get MBBS seat.

So finally we thought to file emergency RTI (48 hours) so we requested to ITMD Ramakrishna garu and Shyam garu to prepare that document. So they prepared a template and send it to us. Also we (Dr. Hemanth and Kishore) filed a case in High Court and took media support to get justice for him.



30-07-2011: He met SAAP HYD people at their office and took his copy of sports certificates which he played in Punjab fencing (sports name) national wide. Finally asked about RTI after telling the Vijayawada information but they said like we will only verify the certificates and give the priority instead of that we can’t involve much into Counseling process



29-07-2011: He reported to Nizamabad college and came back to Hyderabad same day itself.



27-07-2011: He met me in the morning and I gave him Rs: 2000.00 and then he went to Vijayawada to submit his certificates. Today evening he submitted his certificates at NTR Health University and got the seat confirmation and they also said like must report to Nizamabad College before 31stof this month. Later he went to RTI (Right to Information cell in University and asked for update about his RTI which he filed on July 2ndbut they said like we do not have these details go and ask SAAP – HYD people and get the information. They said regarding sports counseling SAAP people only give the list to them based on that we can do the Counseling process.



26-07-2011:FianallyNaikgotBSDseat inMeghana Institute of Dental Science – Nizamabad (Category A) Private college. When our rank comes 7034 we have only two colleges and 3 seats under ST category. FinallyNaikchoose the above college. But we are confident that he will get MBBS seat under ST - sports quota which is going happen within 1 or 2 months.
They advised us to submit all original certificates either today 26th (HYD) else 27th or 28th @ Vijayawada. So he went yesterday night itself to Jagityal to get his certificates from his previous college.

Counselling fee : Rs 300.00
University fee: Rs 8500.00
AP list
of colleges book (MBBS,BDS and others): Rs 60.00
ToNaik: Rs: 1000.00 (to get his certificates)
Total : Rs 9860.00



Volunteers: Dr.Rudresh, Kishore Kumar Javvaji



22-07-2011: Due to today's Telangana strike the counselling has been postponed to the next day (Monday).

Volunteer: Sivaji Challa



20-07-2011:Naik got his Sports certificate from Punjab with the help of Sports Authority and currently that certificate is located with sports authority only. Naik is expecting Tamilnadu certificate also within few days.
Coming Sunday 24th he is having MBBS (General ST quota) counseling @ JNTU around 1pm to 5pm hyd. He is going to attend that along with Dr. Rudresh garu.
Chances are less to get MBBS seat in this counseling as per Hemanth. By chance If he get seat this time itself need to pay 6K to 15K admin fee based on college Govt or others. If not we need to try under Sports quota that will be going to have after 2 months.



09-07-2011: His Rank last year 7091 now 7034 and local rank last year 307 now 172.
Currently he didn't have his educational certificates. It is located at Jagityala college which he joinedAgr.B.Sclast year. He said in order to get that certificates he had need to pay 1000rs to cancel that seat.He said like 90 MBBS seats are there in OU for ST (local) and 15 are there for non locals in AU and SVU in each.


07-07-2011: Naikgot around 7030 rank in EAMCET. So we are expecting Dental seat with this rank.Naikis trying to get proofs like sports certificates which he already played in Tamilnadu.
So if he gets certificates, there are chances for him to get medical seat under sports ST quota, for this Naikis also trying under RTI act.



02-07-2011: Filled RTI so that he can get seat under the sports ST quota.



20-05-2011: I have visited Naik yesterday and delivered team wishes to him do exam well. Also gave him Rs.150/- to him for his travelling expenses. He told me that his exam center is JNTU, Hyderabad and exam is between 2.30 to 5.30 pm tomorrow.

He has also got the treatment for his skin problem by going to a dermatologist in Malakpet and is doing well


Volunteer: Hemanth



12-05-2011: Gave Rs.400 to Naik.

Volunteer: Praveen



05-05-2011: Gave Rs.300 to him and also some medication to him as he as some swellings on his face.

Volunteer: Hemanth



27-03-2011: Naik went to Medak hospital this morning and didn't come back yet.



26-03-2011: Hemanth took him to Dr. J.B. Rao Clinic. Dr. said like Appendicitis symptoms are there, so better admit him in any hospital to go for conservative management IV line. (Ghandhi/Nims).We informed their parents about the situation.


23-03-2011: He was suffering with severe stomach ache so we took him to the Mahesh Hospital they advised us to get the X-Ray called Ultrasound scan from any diagnostics center so we took ultrasound from Tapadia Diagnostics center and went toDr. J B Venktarao Clinic located @ Shivam near to Vidya nagar after checking it he gave some medication and said to come back after 3 days.

We also enquired about his studies in the Academy and also told him to study well so that he will succeed in the exams.


Spent amount: Rs: 1480


Volunteers: Prasanthi, Hemanth, Kishore



19-02-2011: Gave study chair, medicines , some money to pillow and enquired about the marks he is getting in his exams.



18-02-2011: He requested for study chair and also some medicines are given for him as he is suffering from back pain.

Volunteer: Shilpa pagadala



Amount (Rs)

Telugu friends from BOISE





26-01-2011: Our volunteers Shilpa and Kishore met Nayak and got his signature on the filled online application. Need to take the DD and Photos. Once it is done, we can send it. Nayak is doing well. He got 122 Marks out of 160 and stood in first place. We gave him some medicines and some eatable things.

24-01-2011: Nayak expressed his wish to write all India Pre VET Test 2011 which will give admission into various veterinary colleges across India .

For notification and details please see the below web link

Date of Sale of Information Bulletin and Application Form by Hand/Post : 3rd January, 2011 to 15th February, 2011

Last Date of Submission of applications : 22th February, 2011 (5 PM)

Date of Examination : 14th May, 2011 ( 2 to 5 PM)

Though he is a Telugu medium student, he told that he can write English question paper also. He quoted an example of Kalinga University National Test last year where he got 5000 plus rank. As he is from ST community application costs 400 rupees, and it can be filled in online and offline mode (Vijaya Bank, PB. No. 218, 306-308, 3rd Floor, Babukhan Estate, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad). If one gets from a bank, one may need to submit his caste certificate xerox.

We need to get it from Nayak as in certificates which he has submitted us caste certificate is not given.

Volunteer: Hemanth

10-01-2011: He got 123 marks out of 160. It seems that he has been gradually improving in exams. Last three tests marks were 93 then 106 and now 123. Director also told that he is doing better. This is informed to us.


03-01-2011: He got 106 marks out of 160

27-12-2010: He got 93 marks out of 160

18-12-2010: Our volunteersShilpa and Praveen went to Venkat Reddy Acadamy and met Prinicipal and enquired about student performance. She gave positive response i.e., Srinivas Nayak is performing well in the classes and he has given only one exam till now and he got 78 marks out of 160, since he has very less time to prepare for that exam. This coming Monday they have one more test.

We also spend some time with Srinivas Nayak and he asked some text books and question banks. So we took him to Telugu Academy and purchased all the books whatever he wanted. Only one book (Physics Second year text book) is not available. Also gave him some notebooks.

Expenses: Rs. 1393

College fee receipt and books Bills : Click here

27-11-2010: Our volunteer Satya went to academy and issued cheque forRs. 30k. Once the cheque is credited to their account, then they will issue a receipt for the same.

26-11-2010: On Srinivas giving Hemanth the details about Venkat Reddy Medical academy, he visited and talked with director of B. Venkat Reddy Medical Academy. This is a very old coaching center especially for MBBS aspirants.

Director informed us that students who took the coaching from here got good ranks below 100 previously. He has started it again since last year and able to get 30 plus medical admissions (MBBS/BDS) last year. He is taking only 30 students for coaching and personal care by the Professors who give coaching will be available in study hours also. Principal herself is a Botany Professor. They started coaching last Monday only so Srinivas can get chance to brush up 2 yrs syllabus.

Venkat Reddy academy will usually charge 28,000 for day scholars and for hostel 40,000 rs. After requesting director, he gave concession of Rs.10000. They have started last year only and will take limited intake of 30 students and so he informed that he is not in a position to reduce more. So, we need to pay Rs.30000 for Course fee as well as hostel fee.

At current, this is the only institution where for Telugu medium students, a fresh batch is started covering two yrs syllabus.

Srinivas also saw the hostel yesterday and wish to join in that coaching center.

25-11-2010: We tried so many ways like requested Minister and CEOs of Narayana, Chaitanya etc.. colleges to get concession but we get small help only. That to Telugu medium coaching is not available in all branches. As batch started 3 months back, they almost completed first year syllabus and they are going to repeat the same. Need to find new coaching center.

12-10-2010: Srinivas Nayak called Hemanth and told that he wanted to take long term coaching this time to get good rank so that he can be placed well in next admissions to secure M.B.B.S admission.

27-09-2010: He went to college to attend Agricultural course

26-09-2010: Unfortunately, he did not get seat in both Sports as well as regular counseling

24-09-2010: We gave 3 DDs of worth Rs. 4500, 5000, 6000 which can be used for paying University fee only. Government support for Tuition fee.

20-09-2010: Srinivas called us on last Saturday and requested for help. He needs to pay Rs.9500 or Rs.14500 based on his seat allotment


17-09-2010: 3 rd (Final) and Sports counseling notification released.


Date Time Category Center
25-09-2010 10.00 AM Sports and Games category

Administrative Building, Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences,

Vijayawada only.


Date Time Category Eligible EAMCET- 2010 Ranks holders Center
26-09-2010 9.00 AM All candidates 0001 to 4000

Administrative Building,

Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences,Vijayawada only.

26-09-2010 1.00 PM All candidates 4001 to 7000

Administrative Building,

Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada only.

27-09-2010 9.00 AM

All candidates of AU and

SVU area only

7001 to 12000

Administrative Building,

Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada only.

27-09-2010 1.00 PM

All BC, SC and ST


7001 to 12000

Administrative Building,

Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada only.

27-09-2010 1.00 PM

BC,SC and ST candidates

of AU and SVU area only

12001 To last Rank

( eligible candidates as per rules)

Administrative Building,

Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada only.



25-08-2010: Our volunteer Hemanth found the below information to verify his words.

As per G.O.Ms. No. 163, HM & FW (E1) Dept., dated 20.07.2010, the fee he has to pay as below.





Seat Type MBBS Course BDS Course
  University Fee One Time Tuition Fee Per annum University Fee One Time Tuition Fee Per annum
Govt. College Rs. 6000/- Rs. 10000/- Rs. 5000/- Rs. 9000/-
Private College A(Means Free seat category) Rs. 9500/- Rs. 60000/- Rs. 8500/- Rs. 45000/-
Private College B(Means Payment seats) Rs. 14500/- Rs. 240000/- Rs. 11000/- Rs.130000/-



24-08-2010: We contacted news reporter Surendra (9440295777/8008573200)for Srinivas’s contact no. After getting his number, our volunteer Pavan P talked to him and found below details.

Though he belongs to ST category, need to pay Rs.16500 for Govt College seat and Rs.55000 for Private college seat at the time of counseling. Lack of money not attended 1 st and 2 nd counseling. 3 rd counseling will be from Sep 8 th to 15 th .

He got 3 rd Prize at National Level in Fencing, so Sports quota counseling notification will be announced after 4 days. Only BDS seats are available as of now.

Govt Support: If he pays the fee for 1 st yr, from 2 nd to final yr fee will be taken care by govt. He has to pay for the food (app Rs. 1200 per month). He wont get the first yr fee as reimbursement, it will b used for the project work in final yr.


23-08-2010: Our volunteer Srinivas Rao saw this request in Eenadu news paper.


Beneficiary Name: B Srinivas Nayak

Father’s Name: B Sakru Nayak

Father’s Occupation: Daily Labor

Siblings: 4 younger brothers

Address: Kamaram Thanda, Chinna Sankaram Pet (M), Medak (Dt)

Marks Obtained: 742/1000 (Intermediate), 356/600 (SSC)

Achievements: 7091 (short term) rank in EAMCET-2010 and Won 3rd Prize at National Level in Fencing

Current Status: As he has no money forcourse fee of MBBS seat, joined Agricultural course by paying Rs.1000. MBBS seats are filled till the rank of 6500 in ST category.

Need Help: to join Long term coaching

Courtesy: Eenadu Paper, Page 9 in Tamil Nadu Edition on 23-08-2010


Documents: Please click here for more details


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