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"On a cold rainy night, when you see an old man shiver, do you turn away and pretend you saw nothing or walk up to him with a blanket and make a difference?


On the way to work, when you see an ambulance siren on your rear view window, do you raise your glasses and blast the music, or drive to the hospital, donate blood and make a difference?


When you wake up in the morning and look outside your window, and can’t see green trees nor hear sounds of birds, do you blame the government and go back to sleep or do you wake up and plant a sapling and make a difference?


When you see someone helpless, the less fortunate, the underprivileged do you just count your blessings and walk away, or show some interest to help them to reduce their pain?"


TMADians believe that what we are doing is not charity, not out of just sympathy, but it is our responsibility.

One of the characteristics that make us unique, as an organization is our limitless vision and boundless compassion. We have undertaken every project which we felt can make a difference in the life of an individual or a community; right from tree plantation drives and blood donation camps to supporting individuals in their need of financial aid.

TMAD is one of those organizations where there is little to spend on Administrative expenses. Be it website modifications/updations or account management or treasury or managing the various activities in TMAD. Our volunteers who are full time professionals in various fields work towards TMAD dream by being an accountant or website administrator or office boy in dropping the cheques.

Last but not least , TMADians, time and again prove that every drop in the ocean counts. Our passion makes us belief that we can make a difference to this world. We come across so many inspiring people, people who motivated us to do better, to serve more, and to reach out to more people in need. This fuels our desire to serve more.

If you are interested to know more about us, visit us at www.tmad.org or Reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.( Bangalore) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (Andhrapradesh) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (general information)



TMad is formed on Feb 28, 2005 by a group of individuals who are willing to do the social advocacy and make some positive difference in the society which they would be able to do. This group is formed by a group of members from Andhra Pradesh with the thought of Making a Difference. Members of the group live predominantly in 3 geographical areas, Hyderabad, Bangalore and spread across the United States. The focused areas of the group when it’s formed is to be able to make a difference in sections of critical importance to society. This includes, but was not limited to Medical, Education, Orphanages, Old age Homes support and Village development. The group started with about 50 members and has grown to more than 150 members within 2 years. Our first major opportunity to make a difference was successfully fulfilled on September 27, 2005 when the group raised Rs. 65,000 for the kidney treatment of a brilliant young man named D. Raju. Following this the group has never looked back, taking up projects in Education, Medical cases of the impoverished young and old and so on…


First major medical case taken up and cheque of Rs. 65000 released on September 27, 2005 to D. Raju for Kidney treatment. The next major case taken up was the cochlear surgery for a deaf boy Shashank in January 2006. The group raised more than Rs. 18000 for the surgery by February 15, 2006. In early January 2006, the efforts of the US team started gaining steam by getting focus from committed US members about how the team can support the India teams that are on ground. This included doing internet based research, fund raisers et.al. In early March 2006, the group organized blood donation camps in Hyderabad and Bangalore as part of its first anniversary, which was a major success. In April 2006, the group got involved in supporting the Thalassemia society which is doing a lot of work on the critical medical condition of Thalassemia. The activities of the group include finding carriers of the condition and organizing blood transfusions. In February 2006, the group was informed of a critical heart condition found in a 5-yr old kid named Sirisha. The group successfully managed the case to completion. The kid was operated successfully and is back to healthy condition. In June 2006, the group kicked off its Education contribution by visiting a village named Anikepally near Hyderabad. The group met with the poor kids in the village and did an assessment of the needs of the children. Over the next few months, the group made some more visits and contributed books and bags to the school children to aid them in their education. Following the sucess in Anikepalli, the group forked off its Education group by supporting the education of poor and needy students. The Bangalore chapter kicked off a unique program in August 2006. Every weekend was spent visiting schools in various slums of Bangalore and teaching poor students skills of value in everyday life and also spoken English.


The group has 3 main chapters -- the Hyderabad chapter, the Bangalore chapter and the US chapter. The Hyderabad chapter mainly focusses on areas such as Healthcare, Education and Village Development. There are more than 50 members of the group based in the area. This helps the group make physical field visits and update the rest of the teams about various events. The Bangalore chapter has mainly focussed on Education development. There are more than 10 members in this area. They make weekend visits to various slums and schools in the area and contribute their time effectively for the commitment of the educational centers. The US team has about 30 members. Given the distance of the group from actual field activities, the group supports the India chapters by doing online research, management of the group's administration, financial management and fund raisers.

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