TMAD Virtual Teaching

     COVID-19 has affected a large number of students across states, class, caste, gender and region. The shutting down of schools and the decision of shifting traditional classrooms to digital platforms is not only increasing learning inequality among children, but also pushing a large number of children out of school due to the digital divide. Only the Private school were able to conduct Online classes. The Govt School students are completely dependent on Kalvi Tholaikatchi (TV Channel) which broadcasts the sessions for all the classes. Unfortunately, this happened to be non-interactive and is only listening.

    Our Enthusiastic TMAD Volunteers wanted to provide the govt school students to have interactive sessions in online platform. Our volunteer Sangeetha identified about 21 students from various standards.

Volunteers: Sangeetha, Sindhu, Sobia, Sindhiya, Dhivadharini


27 Aug 2021

Session 1 - Sindhu 

We taught Spoken English and an English Poem.


25 Aug 2021

Session 1 - Sindhu 

We taught Listening and English speaking competency.


06 Aug 2021 

Session 1 - Sobiya -10th Std:

We taught Tamil poems about Nature. 

We also discussed English Story for Listening skills.


30 July 2021

Session 1 - Sobiya - 10th std:

We taught English Grammer an then practised Vedic maths (multiplication).


29 July 2021

Session 1 - Sindhu - 9th Std

We discussed about India states and union territories. We also practised English reading.


28 July 2021

Session 1- Sobiya -10th std

We taught Vedic maths,Spoken English and then had Conversation about village and city life.


24 July 2021

Session 1- Sindhu -9th Std

We revised tables and taught spoken English.


22 July 2021

Session 1:

12-1 pm - Sobiya - 10th std

Basic maths topics explained by diagramatically.The proverb "Health is Wealth" was explained through a moral story.

Session 2:

3-4 pm - Sindhya - 8th std and 7th Std

We taught verbs and how to frame sentences and played quiz on that. Taught them few greeting gestures.


21 July 2021

Session 1:

10-11 am - Sindhu - 9th Std 

We gave task to Read a short English story for improving listening skills. Familiarised with English alphabets. And took spoken English and gave home work.

Session 2:

3-4 pm - Sindhya - 8th std and 7th Std


20 July 2021

Session 1:

10-11 am - Sindhu - 9th Std 

We discussed about spoken English and story reading

Session 2:

3-4 pm - Sindhya - 8th std and 7th Std

We discussed about how we got independence and how parliament formed. We have given task on that.


17 and 18 July 2021

Working model with understanding done for

1. Solar panel

2. Solar paint

3. Biogas generation from henna leaves

4. Birds House

5. Gladiolus plant and Potato seeds started to rooting out 

6. Started Marvel of Peru - Evening Blossom plantation

7. Book reading is also in progress parallelly

Next assignment:-

The failures, Success and harden path of below Legends:-

1. Sundhar Pichai

2. Elon Musk

3. Oprah Winfrey

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

5.Bill Gates

6. Ratan Tata

7. Mukesh Ambani

8.Mark Suckrerberg

9.Steve Jobs

10.Stephen Hawking

Just moving from understanding the core process, working model to apply the solution for real world problems both technically and for society changes too.


16 July 2021

Session 1:

12-1 pm - Sobiya - 10th std

We started with one  thirukural and its meaning. We also discussed about the benefits of thirukural in life. We revised them the tables and then taught about classification of numbers and tricks to study maths.

Session 2:

2-3 pm - Sindhya - 8th std and 7th Std


15 July 2021

Session 1: 

10-11 am - Sindhu - 9th STD

We discussed about Heritage of India.what is India Famous for. We asked them to write down a list of things which they would like to learn.We also taught spoken English class

Session 2:

12-1 pm - Sobiya - 10th std

Session 3:

3-4 pm - Sindhya - 8th and 7th std


14 July 2021

Session 1:

12-1pm- Sobiya - 10th std 


Session 2:

3- 4pm - Sindhiya - 7th and 8th std


12 July 2021

Session 1:

3 - 4 pm Sindhiya - 7th and 8th std

We taught bodmas rule and tried sums using the same rule and then we have provided them documents and sums to practice.


09 July 2021

1st session: 

10-11 am - Sindhu - 9th STD

This week discussed about evolution of writing object. From olai chuvadi to today's pen and pencil. Showed a video of how pencils are manufactured in factories.Explained tricks to learn tables. Explained how to do maths in mind without using pen paper for big nos. They surprised me.Also played bingo with tables.

2nd session:

12-1 pm - Sobiya - 10th std

We discussed about strength and weakness.,then taught tamil poem "முகப்புத்தக வலையினிலே"  which explains positive and negatives of social media.Then taught them about research centres and given them activities to do.

3rd session:

3-4 pm - Sindhiya - 8th and 7th std 


08 July 2021 


Session 1:

Sindhiya - 7th and 8th Std

We discussed on strength and weakness. Then we taught them how to make our weakness into strength and gave some activities for the students.


07 July 2021

Session 1:

12-1 pm  Sobiya  - 10th std 

Students introduced themselves about likes and dislikes,.started with thirukural and taught moral from that,.then told motivational story and taught about goals and simple life ethics.

Session 2:

3- 4 pm - Sindhiya  - 7th and 8th std

We started with thirukural and taught students about good habits and moral stories related to that. 


06 July 2021

1st session: 

10-11 am - Sindhu - 9th STD 

Started with Thamizhthai vaazhthu, Thirukkural and took classes with moral stories

2nd session:

12-1 pm - Sobiya - 10th std

3rd session:

3-4 pm - Sindhya - 8th and 7th std.

We had discussion on environmental issues and the ways to prevent them. I have given activity to prepare best out of waste. At last we played quiz on biodegradable and non degradable waste.

Kamarajar Birthday celebration Events to be on 10th and 11th July


2.Essay writing,


4. Thirukkural Acknowledgement with meaning

Prize distribution on July 14th

Kamarajar Birthday celebration- on July 15th

Movie of "Biopic of Kamarajar"

Prizes:- 1,2, 3rd prize

1. Book 

2. Certificate

3. Plants or Saplings 


1. Certificate 

2. Eco-friendly Pen with Seed


05 July 2021

1st session:

12-1 pm - Sobiya - 10th std

2nd session:

2-3 pm - Sindhiya - 8th std 


03 July and 04 July 2021:



1. Moral ethics and values

2. Social responsibility 

3. Self Defense 

4. Our Volunteer Sangeetha's own story and journey from same village to till Canada (the difficulties, challenges, facilities that as a girl kid from uneducated farmer family,  from Government school (Tamil medium) to Big institutions)

5. Importance of Education 

We also conducted Workshop on Plastic recycling and tree plantation with creative methods and assignments were given on the same.




1.Dhivyadharini conducted Motivational session for all kids.

2.Sobiya interacted with 7th standard kids. Started with Thamizhthai vaazhthu, then taught some activities to do. She revised them tables followed by a motivational story. When asked some questions and moral from that story, they answered very eagerly. She checked their reading comprehension and given some tips to improve their skills.

3.Sindhiya started the class with Thirukural. She then taught positive and negative number rule and we played number games, then had reading story session. 




1. Sindhu took one hour class for 9th standard students. She started with the prayer song which kids usually sing in school and asked kids to tell about  themselves, about their likes to make them comfortable. Revised tables and taught a Bharathiar song "Achamillai Achamillai" 

2. Sobia took one hour class for 7th standard students. Asked Kids to introduce themselves about their hobbies and extra curricular activities,  taught one Thirukural and some moral ethics to improve their discipline.

3. Sindhiya took one hour class for 8th standard students. After Intro session, taught moral stories and placed mind game together. At last shared their memories during this Pandemic.

We received very good feedback from the kids too,  they do like us and our sessions much. Our first success of winning kids heart on the first day itself. Parenting and teaching is the most required thing in Kids Life to build their character and to enhance knowledge... 

This good start will also have a great end with some perpetual Success and change in kids Lives.If you want to be the reason behind in making changes in someone's Life,  then utilize the weapon called "Education".