TMAD Covid Relief - Tenali

One of our members, Satish Talupuri's' friends, Ms. Vijaya Mamidi, was trying to support some needy families and requested him for help. He referred to TMAD. We offered support to 11 families in Tenali through her.

Mrs. Vijaya Jyothi Mamidi is from Vijayawada. Her mother lives in Tenali. Due to lockdown, Vijaya got stuck in Tenali and seeing the plight of people in the vicinity, she wanted to help and spent her own money by helping around 10 families. She requested all her friends for help as she finds more and more needy people. That is how the request got to the notice of Satish Talupuri which he shared with TMAD.

One of our members, Megha Shyam, hails from Tenali but the place is far. So he couldn't volunteer other than co-ordinate. 

Though she identified around 100 needy families, we could reach out to only 10 of them.

Date of Purchase: 1st May, 2020

Date of Distribution: 1st May, 2020

Area: Muthyamsetty Palem

Expenses: Rs. 10, 800

Volunteers: Vijaya Jyothi Mamidi, Satish Talupuri, Megha Shyam, Sreekanth Anne, Prasanthi

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