TMAD Covid Relief - Andhra Pradesh

2021 - 2022

TMAD-మీనేస్తం" (Mee Nestham)

We TMAD NGO started "TMAD-మీనేస్తం" Provision support to the needy people ( who are suffering to get their daily needs due to covid) ₹1500 to ₹2000 to each family from 02-Jun-2021 across TMAD locations ( AP, TN, TS, Delhi and KA). So please come forward and join with us to help more needy people in India.

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Donation Details:

Donor Name  Amount
TMAD Monthly Donation Balance 1900
Venkataramana Reddy P 3000
Kishore Kumar Javvaji 6500
Sudhakar Oggu 3000
Mohana Krishna Utukuri 1000
Harish Velamati 501
Neelima Velamati 500
Tammineni Sudhakar 500
KNV Rajesh 500
RLV Prasanna 1000
Total 18401
Used Amount (For 7 Families) 12000
Balance 6401



Bills and Photos

Expenses: 1500

Volunteer: Geethika Pathakamuri

Our Volunteer Geethika identified a family in Anantpur who needed dire help. Haseena lost her husband who was a car driver and had two children. They aree studying in government school. Her religious practises restrict her to go work upto 40 days. She didn't even pay their 3 months rent also. We supported her by providing provisions.



Bills and Photos

Expenses: Rs.3000

Subbu Peram from Varikuntapadu village, Nellore dist. AP, contacted us in facebook and requested to support .He met with an accident few months ago and lost his leg and is unable to work now. TMAD supported him with provisions.



Bills and Photos

Expenses: 7500

We have provided provisions to 5 needy people in Ulavapadu village, Prakasam dist. 

There are like: 

1.Auto Driver

  1. Small electronic shop person

3.daily worker in gold shop in a village

4.One family who don't have any income due to covid

  1. Cool drink shop person ( who effected with covid and not opening shop since a month) etc. 

₹1500*5 =7500.00 

2020 - 2021

We have provided monthly provisions for few families who lost their jobs due to COVID in Andhra Pradesh. Please see below details of the needy. Thanks a lot to Donors who supported this activity and appreciate all volunteers who made this event successful.

1) Varun, 35 Yrs, Teacher, Proddatur, Cuddapah, AP

Documents and Bills

Volunteers: Venkata Ramana P 

16-11-2020: We provided Provisions

Expenses: Rs 1,592 

29-08-2020: We provided Provisions

Expenses: Rs 2,004 

Details of the needy

Name: Venkata Ganga Varun Gadala

Age: 35 Yrs

Occupation: used to work as a Maths Teacher for 6th to 8th students in Private school with salary Rs 12,000

Father Details: expired

Mother Details: Homemaker

Sibling’s Details: one sister (married)  

Total Family Income per month: NIL (due to Covid he lost his job)

Current Address: 17/149, Linga Reddy Street, YMR Colony, Proddatur, Cuddapah, AP - 516360

About Problem: His father has passed away 10 yrs ago and his savings were used for his sister's marriage 2 years back. Their monthly expenses are around Rs 10,000 (5k house rent, food and miscellaneous expenses)

Help required: as no savings and job currently need support for monthly expenses

The needy’s view to help others: To help others who are in need once he gets job


2) Chandra Sekhar, 60 Yrs, Music Teacher, Mochampet, Cuddapah, AP

Documents and Bills

27-10-2020: We provided provisions.

Expenses: Rs 2,128

Volunteers: Venkata Ramana P


Details of the needy

Name: Venkata Chandra Sekhar Nelabhotla

Age: 60 Yrs

Qualification: B.A. and Music Diploma, T.T.C.

Occupation: retired Music Teacher, running Sri Thyagaraja Sangeetha Sikshanalayam @ home (give coaching to kids in Classical music so kids are appearing for Certificated and Diploma Courses conducted by Govt)

Wife Details: Hemalatha, used to work in Private school

Address: 7/331, opp. Sri Ahobila Mutt, Mochampet, Cuddapah, AP - 516001

Children Details: Rohini, studying Intermediate

Total Family Income per month: NIL (currently)

About Problem: He was working in a private school and retired on 31/05/2020. Due to Corona kids also not coming for learning music classes these days. He paid Rs 19,000 towards his daughter Intermediate course fee earlier and was looking for support to pay second term fee of Rs 10,000; few donors supported him to pay Rs 10,000 fee but they are still looking for help for monthly expenses. She secured 423 (500) in CBSE 10th class. He is taking online classes also.

The needy’s view to help others: To help others who are in need

3) Swarupa, 34 Yrs, Spinal Cord injury, Chataparru, Eluru, AP

 Documents and Bills

Donors: TMAD Group Fund 

We have supported for monthly provisions and medicines. 

Volunteers: RLV Prasanna


19-11-2020: We provided Diapers

Expenses: Rs 1,440 

08-09-2020: We provided Provisions

Expenses: Rs 1,707 

07-09-2020: We provided Medicines

Expenses: Rs 1,920


Details of the needy

Name: Swarupa Matrapu

Age: 34 Yrs

Occupation: not working as she is bedridden due to spinal cord injury from the past 4 years

Children’s Details: two daughters (Deepika and Deepti)

Total Family Income per month: NIL

Current Address: 8-1, Chataparru, Timmaraogudem, Eluru, West Godavari, AP

About Problem: Her husband left her and kids; they are residing with her Mother in the house which has no bathroom and get wet if it rains due to lack of proper roof. She needs Diapers, urine bags, provisions monthly. Local NGO WISE (Women Institute for Social Empowerment) is helping the family for medical needs and children's education based on the available funds with them.

Help required: monthly medical and provision expenses