Phanindra, 15 Yrs, Neuro treatment, Hyderabad, TS

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Details of the needy:

Name: Phanindra Kumar Demdati

Age:  15 Yrs

Father Name: Demdati Kishore Kumar

Father Occupation: Designer in Press

Father Income per month: Rs.25,000/-

Mother Name: DemdatiGajaLakshmi

Mother Occupation: House Wife

Mother Income per month: NIL

Total Family Income per month: Rs.25000/-

Current Address: Flat # B108, Prakruthi Nivas, opposite to Dundigal Air Force Academy, Hyd.

History: The patient got fever in 2013-14 but due to wrong treatment he went to coma.He was treated at Vellore hospital for some time but as the family could not afford much and the treatment was also not so success, he was moved out of it. Later after some treatments locally in Hyderabad the patient's family found that the hospital in Mumbai gives stem cell treatment and treated cases like this successfully.

About Problem: Wrong treatment yielded into Coma with minimal brain activity.

Help required: The treatment is going on in NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute, Mumbai hospital that every 2, 3 months they have to go there from Hyderabad and stay there for 2 to 3 days. So far 7 to 8 sittings done with the support of different NGOs, and the patient is now recognizing the people, able to sit, responding if someone calls him and lot of other improvements seen. There are 2 more sittings left out (one in Aug) and the other in 6 months. The cost for each treatment will be around 2.5 L .For next sitting, the family has 1L and they require rest of the amount i.e,1.5L ,along with transportation and post-surgery Nutritional meal supplement food which comes around Rs 45k.

Eligibility to get Support from TMAD: The Patients father works as a designer at printing press. His father income is sufficient for home rent and monthly expenses for family. They didn’t have any health insurance. His family maxed out of their savings and jewelry.

Regularly he need to take Multi-vitamins along with Tizanidine, Fortinerve, Cap Evion, Tab Calyst, Syp Congicare for 6 months till next sitting. He requires nutritional meal supplement food thrice a day which cost 400 a bottle/day.

Volunteer: Sreekanth Anne


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