Vihan, 5 Yrs, Diabetes, Nawabpet, Nellore, AP

Documents and Medical Bills

He needs around Rs 10.000 monthly for Insulin injections, Sugar testing strips, health check-ups etc..

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Srivachala Chikkam


Silpa Pagadala


Kishore Kumar Javvaji


Sangeetha Tangaraju




We paid Rs 60,000 towards baby treatment.

Volunteers: Ajay Prasad Vakati, Venkata Ramana P, John Suneel, Kishore Javvaji, Prasanthi Uppalapati

Details of the needy

Name: Vihan T

Date of Birth: 19th May, 2015

Age:   5 Yrs

Father Name: Mohan T

Father Occupation: Working in V9 add agency, Nellore

Father Income per month: Rs. 10,000

Mother Name: Parimala T

Mother Occupation: Tailoring

Mother Income per month:  Rs. 5,000

Sibling’s Details: elder brother Vishwam studying 6th class

Total Family Income per month: Rs. 15,000

Eligibility of Government Schemes: Not eligible, as it is not covered under Aarogya Sri

Current Address: near Shivalayam temple, Nawabpet, Nellore - 524002

About Problem: Type I diabetes diagnosed at the age of 3 years and he is under regular treatment of Dr. Vasanthi at Kanchi Kama Koti hospital, Chennai. During the course of treatment the child is suffering with fluctuations in sugar levels with noticeable low and high sugar levels. On 4th October 2020 he was admitted in the SSK GLOBAL DIABETIC CENTER at Nellore under care of Dr. Suresh Babu Yadav. At the time of admission into the hospital the child condition was serious and hospital management had taken written consent from the parents to start the treatment. Dr said that due to DKA (DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS)the sugar levels are increasing which leads to coma. They were contacted Dr. Vasanthi Madam about the condition of their child. She replied that don't bring the child to Chennai, continue the treatment until the child is stabilized with vital signs. After the child is stable bring him to the hospital for admission up  to one week at Kanchi Kama Koti hospital, Chennai. The child was responding to the treatment at Nellore hospital. Once the child is stabilized they are planning to go CMC Hospital, Vellore as advised.

Help required: For regular diabetic health checkup with strips and insulin therapy they need Rs. 10,000 per month. For two days of hospitalization at Nellore hospital they have charged Rs. 20,000 and that amount was paid with the help received from their friends and relatives.