Dinesh M, 24 Yrs, Accident Treatment, Chennai, Tamilnadu

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21-Mar-201: Dinesh is discharged from Hospital on Friday (19-Mar-2021). He is currently staying in his relative's house. He is in good health and is recovering. Get well Soon Dinesh. TMAD's Prayers and wishes will always be with you.

18-Mar-2021: Dinesh is better today. Pain in operational area reduces day by day. He is doing physio exercises every day. He cannot walk currently as his left hand and leg were operated for fractures. His Xray shows that he has chest cold. They will be doing the culture tests and will suggest the medications. Dinesh will be discharged tomorrow (19-Mar -2021)  and he will be in his relative's house in Chennai initially.

16-Mar-2021: Dinesh is getting better day by day. Physio exercises continues. Discharge expected within this week.

13-Mar-2021: Dinesh's Health condition is stable. Physio exercises are done regularly. Doctors suggested them to be in hospital for a week to continue the Physio exercises and for the wounds to heal. There seems to be slight infections in the neck where the tube were inserted for ventilators earlier. They will be shifted to more Economical ward G-Block in the same hospital campus.

11-Mar-2021: Dinesh's health is stable and is improving day by day. They are monitoring his health post operation. 

10-Mar-2021: Ortho operation in left leg completed successfully at around 11 AM today. He is stable and took fluids and solid food post operation.

09-Mar-2021: Ortho operation for left leg fracture has been planned for tomorrow (10-Mar-2021, Wednesday). The Approximate charges for the operation would be 1.30L. Currently Dinesh's health is stable and is consuming solid foods. Donation amount of Rs.40000 (Forty Thousand Rupees)  transferred to Hospital account towards Dinesh's operation expenses. 

07-Mar-2021: Dinesh have started taking solid food. Very good improvement in his health. Ortho Doctors will let know the details for left leg surgery (for fracture) possibly on Monday.

04-Mar-2021: Dinesh's health condition is stable. They have started feeding oral liquids. They have started feeding him Milk since yesterday and reduced the intake through food pipe. They will monitor the fluids intake and will plan for oral solid foods progressively.

03-Mar-2021: Ortho Operation for Hand completed today. Doctors said that it took more than 6 hours and more blood loss too. They will plan for operation in Leg(for fracture) probably after 2-3 days.

02-Mar-2021: Dinesh health condition is stable. Ortho doctors have planned operation for fractures on tomorrow (03-Mar-2021). Currently Nutrition is provided through food pipe. They will plan for oral food probably in couple of days (after the operation).

28-Feb-2021: Good News, Dinesh is out of ICU and is in General ward (since yesterday night). His health is stable. They will test the Albumin levels tomorrow and based on this, they will plan operation for fractures.

26-Feb-2021: Dinesh's health is stable. He is conscious and with better health. Currently nutrition (protein powder) being provided as liquid form through food pipe. Albumin protein is below normal level and hence ortho operation(for fractures) is getting delayed until it becomes normal. Expecting that Albumin will improve early next week and the operation might be planned.

22-Feb-2021: Dinesh's health is stable. Today, they have inserted feeding tube and they are planning to start liquid food. Hence there might not be operation for intestine. Ortho doctor will plan for operating the fractures.

21-Feb-2021: Payment of Rs.50000 (Fifty Thousand Rupees) initiated towards treatment expenses of Dinesh. Monet Transferred directly to Hospital bank account.

20-Feb-2021: Dinesh Health condition is stable with oxygen support. They are reducing the oxygen pressure progressively. Currently Antibiotics and Nutrition medicines are being provided. Doctors will decide about operation for Intestine problem on Monday.

19-Feb-2021: Dinesh health condition is stable. Currently out of ventilator support, only oxygen support is provided. Doctors may wait for another 2 days for further reduction in pneumonia fever and to decide on treating his intestine problems. Currently Antibiotics and dressing for the injuries are being given.

18-Feb-2021Dinesh's health condition is better. Breathing is fine and expecting out of ventilator support soon. Looks like he has problems with intestine and he may need to undergo operation for it. Senior doctor will verify and will confirm once. Donation amount Rs.50000 being initiated to hospital account ref no.484364197 for Dinesh's treatment.

17-Feb-2021: Dinesh's culture test results arrived and the pneumonia virus count reduced a bit. They are planning to remove ventilator support and provide liquid foods though food pipe.

15-Feb-2021: Dinesh was moved out of critical ICU on 14th Feb, but had issues with Breathing and hence he is shifted back to ICU and is under ventilator support. CT scan was taken and they said that the bleeding is under control in head and hence less worry about head injury. His lungs was heavily infected with pneumonia virus and that seems to have caused the breathing issues. Culture tests were taken to identify the virus type and to proceed medications accordingly. Stomach Infection is also in control. Currently in ICU with antibiotics given for Pneumonia and Medicines for Blood pressure and with Ventilator support.

13-Feb-2021: Dinesh is out of ventilator support, but still in ICU. His brother Pandian spoke to Dinesh, he is able to recognize his relatives. His voice is bit hoarse and they said it is due to ventilator support for last few days. They are waiting for General Surgeon to review and later will decide on shifting to normal ward. Currently he has few fractures and infections in his stomach which needs further attention. They have spent around 2.75 lakhs.

Details of the Needy:

Name:  Dinesh M

Date of Birth:  04/04/1997

Age:  24Yrs.

Occupation: Working

Working for: Private organization

Income per month: 7000

Husband/Wife Name: Unmarried

Father Name:  Late. Murugan

Mother Name: Parimala

Mother Occupation: House wife

Mother Income per month: Nil

Sibling’s details (Occupation, Income etc.): Ramya (Elder sister, Married), Meenakshi (Younger sister, Married)

Total Family Income per month (in Rs.): 7000

Eligibility of Government Schemes: Government Medical schemes were not eligible for this treatment.

Current Address: 5/136, Nayarpattu Street,Veraiyur post taluk, Kalleri. Tiruvannamalai Dist, Tamilnadu 

Contact No: 9940181533  (Mangalam - Cousin Sister)

Email Id: -

Permanent Address: 5/136, Nayarpattu Street, Veraiyur post taluk, Kalleri. Thirvannamalai Dist,Tamilnadu.

Contact No: 9940181533  (Mangalam - Cousin Sister)

About Problem: Head injury, Left hand and leg broken due to an accident

Help required (Ex: Operation Cost, Room rent etc.): Hospitality charges and medication charges

Last Date to pay the Amount: Not discharged yet

Hospital Address with Doctor Name and Contact no: Ramachandra hospital, Porur, Chennai

The reason to choose this hospital: Initially admitted in GH but due to lack of doctor’s availability and delay in the treatment, patient was moving to coma. Hence chosen this hospital among the other private hospitals which costs less for this case.

Eligibility to get support from TMAD: Single parent child and he is the major source of income for his family. Also from low financial background.

The needy’s view to help others: Helping is a boomerang which will return back to us in need.

About Problem: Dinesh M, aged 24 years, single parent child, met with an accident last Friday 05th Feb 2021  in Tiruvannamalai, while travelling to attend his relative's death. He is working in a private company in Chennai and is earning about 7k. His mother (Parimala) is staying in Tiruvannamalai and is doing labor works. He is the major source of income to his family. He has elder sister, Ramya and younger sister, Meenakshi. Both of them are married and is not in a situation to help them financially.

   He was initially admitted in Tiruvannamalai Govt hospital and they referred to Chennai General Hospital. He was admitted in Chennai GH on Saturday. Scans and other tests were taken in hospital. He was able to talk on Sunday. But on Monday, he was not able to talk. There was huge delay in treatment and they were not satisfactory. They said that there is internal bleeding in head and they did not give any confidence and asked to get discharged.

   Dinesh's relatives decided to go for review in private hospitals and they did went for review in Private Hospital in Alwarpet. Initially they also said there is no hope. They they again reviewed through their relative in that hospital and they got some positive feedback that this internal bleeding can be operated, but the Treatment would be very costly in that hospital. 

  They decided to admit in Sri Ramachandra hospital, Porur. By Monday midnight, they discharged and got admitted in Ramachandra hospital. He is in ICU since then. Daily expenses were around 50k. They do not have any insurance and the hospital said that the govt schemes are not eligible for this treatment. There are currently managing funds of their own, their relatives, friends and co-workers. They are currently running out of financial sources and is seeking our help. 

  He is in ventilator currently and it will be removed probably in couple of days. They are discussing to remove the ventilator and oxygen support. He is able to recognize and responds by action. His stomach was in bulged state and yesterday they have removed some fluids from it and that infection seems to be due to liquid foods which was given in GH. The Neuro doctors said that there is no issue now. General Surgeon has to review and probably after that he can be shifted to normal ward. Ortho doctors will have to undergo their treatment for fractures as well.


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