Plantation Drives


The aim of this project is to create awareness in students about environment and encourage them to plant herbal plants which can be used for good health, at schools and their homes.


Plantation Drive at Manjunatha layout, Kodichikkanahalli, Bangalore

Volunteers: Kishore Thunga, Srinath J , Anilkumar BVN
Sponsor: Anilkumar BVN
1) Plantation drive started at 6:30AM on 9-Aug with digging of pits. Ended at 8:30AM
2) Saplings were brought from forest department nursery at 1PM
3) Digging started again on 10-Aug from 1:30PM to 6:15PM.
Kishore Thunga joined on 10-Aug and was available till 4:30PM. His efforts really helped me to complete this event peacefully.  Srinath J and Anilkumar BVN both took it to completion by 6:15PM
4) Planted a total of 30 saplings. (15 Honge, 10 Beraza, 2 Mahogany, 2 Spatondia, 1 Tacoma) across 4 streets
5) Spoken to locals to water plants atleast weekly once for one year. Anilkumar BVN will continue to track till 1 year and if required, will take of watering it by paying the workers.
6) President of the layout. appreciated our efforts in making the difference. He is keen to help for any further work in that area.
7) DFO Chidananda of Madivala lake also appreciated our efforts. He is also keen to help us in future.
Street wise plantation details @(Manjunatha layout, Kodichikkanahalli)
4th Cross - 4 Honge, 3 Beraza, 1 Mahagony
5th Cross - 3 Honge, 3 Beraza, 1 Tacoma
6th Cross - 5 Honge, 3 Beroza
7th Cross - 3 Honge, 1 Beroza, 1 Mahagony, 2 Spatodia

Plantation drive at KGB Vidyalayam, Motumarla, Dharmavaram(mandal), AP










                 Trees in 2014                                                                 Plant in 2012

18-07-2014: Our volunteer revisited the KGB Vidyalayam, Motumarla, Dharmavaram(mandal), AP where we have done plantation drive 2 years back to see how the trees.To our surprise the trees are well grown from 5 feet to 10 feet

Volunteer: Kamalnath N

Pictures: Click Here

24-06-2012: Conducted plantation drive of 127 saplings of 6 different varieties of plants.Students are more energetic in Planting trees and 2 students has adopted a Plant and said they will take care of that Plant.

Volunteers: Kamalnath N, Satyanarayana N, Madan Mohan, Durga Prasad, Manohar, Janardhan Reddy and Chenna Kesava


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Plantation drive @ Bharatiya Gramena mahila Sangh, Bangalore:

04-10-2013: Yodlee company approached TMAD to conduct a plantation drive on the eve of JOY OF GIVING Week. So TMAD conducted plantation drive at Bharatiya Gramena Mahila Sangh, Bangalore.

         Our volunteer Suresh Pyda told the importance of Plantation drive to the children and the employees of Yodlee.

Sponsors: Yodlee Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Yodlee Coordinators : Neetu Sagar and Amita Agarwal

Number of Saplings Planted: 75

Volunteers: Vasu Pyda, Suresh Pyda, Srinivas Rao D and Kamalnath N

Photos: Click Here

Plants that are planted:







7.Singapur Chery





12.Silver Oak







Saplings Distribution @ REVA College, Bangalore

The Reva College, Bangalore conducted the symposium for two days 17th and 18th of February, 2012. The main theme of the symposium is on how greenery has helped mankind before, how it is helping us now, and how it will help us in the future. In this TMAD distributed 70 Saplings which have medicinal values placed in recycle eco friendly bags to the delegates from different places so that we can create awareness about the theme of the event in practical way.

The plants that were distributed are:
1.    Butterfly pea
2.    Wood Apple
3.    Hibiscus
4.    Tincture
5.    Multi-vitamin plant
6.    Ashwagandha
7.    Aloevera
8.    Japanese mint
9.    Lavender
10.    Thyme
11.    Jasmine
12.    Toothache plant
13.    Queen of night
14.    Insulin
15.    Sougandhika pushpa
16.    Mango ginger
17.    Jeevanthi
18.    Curry leaves
19.    Neem
20.    Madhunashini

Expenses: Rs. 602

Bill: Click Here

Volunteers: Srinivas D and Sagar M

Appreciation Letter: Click Here 

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Plantation Drive @ Sir M. Visveswaraya Pre-University College, HAL, Bangalore

21-09-2011: We conducted Plantation Drive of 70 Saplings with the support of Mokshagundam Eco Club (MEC). Pyda Vasu garu brought the saplings and conveyance expenses are sponsored by MEC.

Volunteers: Kamalnath N and Pyda Vasu garu

Photos: Click Here   

Confirmation Letter

Plantation Drive @ GiriRaj Colony, Dhramavaram Mandal, Anantapur (Dt), AP

8-06-2011: TMAD and Neelaiagari Kalayana Chakravarthi Sevasamithi conducted Plantation drive of 500 saplings.

Sponsor: Neelaiagari Kalayana Chakravarthi Sevasamithi

Volunteers: Kamalnath, N Satyanarayana garu and villagers

Pictures: Click Here

Plantation Drive at Vimanpura School, Bangalore

27-11-2010: We successfully completed the Plantation drive and also Drawing Competition.

8 AM:We reached the venue with saplings and drawing materials and interacted with the school teachers about the event organizing followed by arrangements and prayer.

9 AM:Started drawing competition for the students and simultaneous arrangements for plantation like cleaning the ground, getting water etc.

10 AM:Finished finalizing the drawing competition winners and distributed prizes for the same followed introduction about TMAD and some valuable speech given by Suresh Pyda (Pavan’s Cousin) about the importance of Education and Plantation. The students are participated enthusiastically for interactive session and shared their ambitions like Police, Military, Teacher, Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer etc.. They know so many options to shape their career but need guidance to achieve the same. Students started plantation which continued till 12 PM with lot of enthusiasm and energy.

We announced prizes for the team whose tree is well grown at the final day of academic year.

26-11-2010:Though Kamal is not recovered well, disagree to postpone and asked Pavan to assist him to bring saplings. Kamal and Pavan started at 9AM from Marathahalli, reached Agricultural University, Hebbal at 11AM, brought 29 saplings of different kinds (Marjoram, Ashoka, Multi Vitamin, Adathode, Red Sandal and Asam Indigo) which costs Rs.220 and dumped at the school by 2 PM. Then Kamal went to office also. It shows his commitment towards service. Kudos to Kamal. We should appreciate as well as learnt from him that never miss any promise at any cost. Kamal is the Project coordinator for Plantation Drive at Schools. Srinivas and his friends Sagar and Suresh dug up 29 pits for plantation.

25-11-2010:As Kamal got fever, planned to post pone this drive to next week.

24-11-2010: After so many visits to schools for permission to conduct Plantation Drive, Kamal and Srinivas got confirmation for coming Saturday. Both visited Agricultural University at Hebbal and got the information about Saplings. Srinivas (1 st year MBA Student) joined Kamal to visit AU in his lunch break in the college. Great work by Kamal and Srinivas.

Volunteers:Suresh Pyda, Vani (Suresh’s wife), Vasu Pyda, Ganesh (Vasu’s Son), Kamal, Srinivas, Bijesh, Suresh, Charan, MV Rao, Swetha and Pavan.

Photos:Click here

Saplings Bill: Click here

Saplings Available @ University:Click here

Uses of Plants:Click here

Plantation Drive at Viveknagar School, Bangalore

25-06-2009: Program started @ 12.30 PM by HM followed by teachers and students, after that opening of new building is done. Every sapling will be taken care by team of students (8th, 9th and 10th) which is lead by Team Leader (10th class). We will give prizes to the teams who take care of sapling’s growth in best way at academic year ending.

Photos: Plantation Drive @ Govt Telugu School VivekNagar

This program is published in Eenadu paper (Bangalore edition, Pg No: 11) on 26-06-09.

Volunteers: Pradeep, Srinivas, Nagendra (Srinivas’s friend), Pavan Pyda

Plantation Drive at Visveswariah PU College, Bangalore

21-06-2009: We started Go Green activity with M.Visveswaraiah College & School on last Saturday.

We reached the school by 9.30 AM and informed about our activities and future activities to be conducted at College to improve student’s personal skills with Principal Mrs. Shyamala. She is very co operative to do any activities, but their management informed her to concentrate more on studies rather than improving extra curricular activities for children for this academic year. She asked us our plan of action so that she can discuss with management and let us know.

Plantation started with a marvelous speech by Vani to create awareness in students. They participated very enthusiastically. 20 saplings of Ganuga, Amla and Laxmi Taru are planted with the help of NSS team (40 students). Couple of students will take care of each plant. We are going to give prizes to the students who will take best care of the tree growth at the end of academic year.

We would like to say special thanks to Raghu, Leela, Chaitanya, Vani and Gangadhar who took care of bringing saplings from the Danvanthari and Art of Living and Anil BVN who is the initiator for this event and made necessary arrangements by talking with college principal.

Thanks to all for participating and making this event great success.

Volunteers: Chaitanya, Vani, Srinath, Kishore, Srinivas, Kamal and Pavan Pyda from TMAD team and Anand, Kishore and Vijay from Spoorthi Foundation


Participation in Various Plantation Drive events Conducted by other NGO's


17-07-2009: Our volunteers Srinivas and Balu are participated in Plantation of 100 saplings at Nagavara Residential area.

03-07-2009: RYCT did plantation @ Freedom International School and asked us to join. Gopi, Anusha (Pavan Pyda’s colleagues) and Pavan Pyda joined there @ 12.30 PM to do plantation at HSR Layout residential area.

25-06-2009: We collected 20 free herbal saplings of different kinds from Rajaneet Yegneswaran Charitable Trust (RYCT). Mr. Janet started this NGO in memory of her husband. She provides free saplings to anybody who can take care of sapling’s growth any where. She is very positive, provided the information of saplings how can they use for health purpose in hard copy


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