2017 Eco Friendly Ganesha Stalls @ Bangalore

This is our 8th year of the campaign and like every year, To Make A Difference made huge difference in the use of Eco-Friendly Ganeshas for the festival instead of Plaster of Paris. Eco Friendly Ganesha were delivered to apartment assodications and public. Also, stalls were placed at various places in Bangalore by TMAD to increase availability of Clay Ganesha idols for Eco friendly lovers. 

Our initiative was hugely appreciated by public. We are overwhelmed to share the responses from people who have been following our campaign and joined hands with us by ordering/using Eco-Friendly Ganesha idols every year.


A total of 7420 idols sold in 8 years. Isn't it a huge difference to our lakes??


Special Thanks:

Mr Satya Gubba for providing free space to dump idols in Bellandur near by our stalls

Mr Pandit for providing free space to dump idols and for giving permission to put a stall @ Balaji Temple, BEML Layout

Mrs Sharada Satrasala for spreading word about the stall @ Balaji Temple, BEML Layout

Mrs Meera Nair for giving permission to put a stall @ Springfields Apartment, Sarjapura Road

Mrs Deepa Vijay for supporting to get permission and to spread awareness among the residents about stall @ Adarsh Palm Retreat Shopping Area, Bellandur

Mr Harish Y (President of Green Glen Layout Residents Association) for giving permission to put a stall @ Jogger's Park and to create awareness among the residents in Green Glen Layout, Bellandur

Mrs Taruna Ayyagari for coordinating with the residents and for providing permission to set up a stall @ Sobha Jasmine, GGL, Bellandur 

Mr Murugaraj S and Mr Srinivasa Reddy for providing us stall space in Borewell road, Whitefield and spreading word about the same


  1.  Delivered/Sold 830 idols. 
  2.  45 Big (3ft/3.5) Idols sold (previous year's count: 40 in 2016 and 20 in 2015)
  3.  Like every year, we have put stalls @  
    •  BEML Layout (near Balaji temple)
    •  Sarjapur Road (at Spring Fields Apartment Entrance)
    •  Adrash Palm Retreat Apts (near Intel), Bellandur
    • Jogger's Park, Green Glen layout, Bellandur
    • Community Hall, Sobha Jasmine, Green Glen Layout, Bellandur
    • Borewell Road, Whitefeild

Coordinators: Srinivas D, Kamalnath N, Anil kumar BVN and Pavan Pyda


Volunteers: Sagar M, Rasil K, Ravikanth Badrinath, Veena Panicker, Kiran Gudimetla, Arunkanth Thentu, Nanda Thentu, Megha Ayyagari, Suresh Pyda, Vani Pyda, Vasu Pyda, Sukumar Pyda, Rajesekhar Pallantla, Chaitanya Vadlapoodi, Abdul, Atif, Charan Raja, Jitendra AB and Swetha Pyda



Appreciations from Public



Lakshmy Sriram:

As I mentioned in my previous email thank you very much for providing us clay ganesha idols. I am very proud that my friends and myself did not pollute the environment. The clay will be used for my plants.

Ordering process --- Very convenient on the google form. It was very clear to me that one individual has to be responsible for distribution in colony. However few others never understood it. Maybe should be more clear.

Delivery -- excellent, timely, was happy that the delivery person had complete list of idols to be delivered. the email prior to delivery also helped in keeping a place ready. i realised that some people were not ready with newspapers in other buildings. May be you should mention that in your email clearly. 

Idol quality ---- very very good. The 9 inch idol which was the smallest also was very very well intricately done. The huge 2 feet idols were very heavy and worth the money. All my friends are very happy with the idols.

Feedback on team ----  Super super initiative. Its very tough to manage the logistics. Home delivery of veggies is common, but i really love home delivery of ganesha. All my friends too loved it.

Taruna Ayyagari:

Thanks a lot Pavan and team.

Our eco-friendly Ganesha idols rocked. The 3 feet Ganesha idol was also really beautiful.

The ordering process, delivery & quality of the idols was great. 

You guys are doing a great job to save our nature. 

Rajendra Parhi: 

I think the entire process was hassle-free. We decorated with some basic organic paints- It went to our garden after sendoff

Atul Mangla:

Overall very positive, from stock availability, ordering and delivery, all was smooth. Since I ordered a 3 ft idol, team on ground really helped in with delivery and I really appreciate.

Madhusudhan Reddy:

we are very happy with overall quality of the idol. Only one suggestionsuggestion only if it is possible. Please see if we can arrange something for the eyes of the idol, especially for the eye balls. I feel that will double the beauty of our eco friendly Ganesha, again for sure following any of the pure eco friendly natural method

                   Whole heartedly, Appreciated your efforts in this for being responsible to our environment and encouraging people for the same. We look forward for the next year celebration as well to go with TMAD.

Thripura Sundari Venugopalan:

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to work with you in this noble cause.

The quality of the idols were good and there were no damages.




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