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2016 Republic Day Celebrations

2015 Children's Day Celebrations

2015 Republic Day Celebrations

2014 Independence Day Celebrations

2014 Republic Day Celebrations

2013 Independence Day Celebrations

2013 Republic Day Celebrations

2012 Children's Day Celebrations

2012 Independence Day Celebrations

2012 Republic Day Celebrations

2011 Independence Day Celebrations @ VivekNagar School

The flag hoisting was done @ 8:30 AM by the chief guest Bandi Adi Narayana Reddy garu, he was the person who contributed to the School Building, Science Lab and almost everything.

The students performed dances and also made different formations like Welcome, Pyramid, Namaste, Moving tower. They welcomed the chief guests with Scout band and also made drill with the drums, all the events are very interesting, students very actively participated in all events. Speeches are given by the students in Telugu and English languages.

TMAD got a special mention in the speech, for creating interest among students towards education. We distributed the Prizes (Dictionary, Alarm Clock, Connector Pens, Color pencils and School Pack) to the students who got 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in drawing competitions conducted by us.


Rs. 253 from TMAD

Rs. 210 from Gopi Edara (ARROW NGO)

Volunteers: Aravind Miriyala, Gopi Edara, Santosh Alladi and Vinay
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English and Maths classes are conducted for 8th and 9th classes on every Saturday

15-08-2010: 64 th Independence Day Celebrations @ Govt Telugu High School, VivekNagar, Bangalore


Chief Guests: Ward Counselor, Block Officer, Mr. Venu Gopal Reddy (Social Worker) and Mr. Bandi Adi Narayana Reddy (School Building Donor)

TMAD Volunteers: Jithendra, Prasad, Pavan and Swetha

The 64 th Independence Day Celebrations started at 9AM. After hoisting of flag, so many nice speeches about the importance of Independence Day are given by the students in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada languages; one student gave speech in English also which was very good. One student whose is physically challenged gave fabulous speech . The Chief Guests also gave their valuable speeches addressing the students and encouraged them to be the successful generation. Even songs and dances are sung, performed by the students. 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd Prizes are given to the students by TMAD, which conducted Drawing Competition for 8, 9 and10 th class students on 13 th August. All the students showed a lot of enthusiasm, participated in drawing competition and won prizes. The drawings that are drawn by the students are very good. The drawings that won prizes are displayed on the notice board. Chocolates and Pens are distributed to the students at the end.


Drawing Competition Winners





P Laxmi Devi






O.lakshmi Devi



Shanthi Laxmi



P. Dileep Kumar



Abdul Rehman



K. Kiran Kumar



P. Priyanka



Vijaya Bose



Click here for Independence Day - 2010 event pics at the school

Volunteer’s Feeling: We felt very happy when the students showed enthusiasm in giving speeches which made us to recall our school days and also made our mind to make a lot for the students to improve in their respective interested areas.

07-08-2010: Resume Basic English and Maths Teaching classes



We have adopted the school 2 years back and have been going to teach Basic Maths and English to the students of 8th - 10th standard on every Saturday. In addition to this, we have been conducting events like Essay writing, Elocution, Quizzes, Painting etc., one per month to improve their Personal skills.

Mr. Raghavendra, Artist from Pidilite gave 2 sessions on Basic concepts in painting. Students are participated very enthusiastically and enjoyed a lot.

Click here for Independence Day - 2009 event pics at the school

On the eve of Republic Day 09, We conducted Lemon & Spoon, Throwing rings, Beating the Bucket (Blind fold game) and Musical chairs for both Boys and Girls separately. They enjoyed a lot.

Student's Words at the end of the event: "Sir, we haven't played these games so far. Please conduct games regularly."


  • Kishore, Seshu, Anil A, Keerthi, Srinath UV, Neeraja, Shiva, Pavan Kumar

Docs: Click here

Independence day@ Viveknagar School:

15-08-2009: Weattended the independence dayat Vivek Nagar School. Sri Bandi Adi Narayana Reddy (Chairman of Seva Bharat Trust, who has donated money to renovate the school ) was the chief guest for these . All the teachers of school and around 100 children attended these .

Prayer started at 9 AM and followed by Flag hoisting by chief guest. Few Teachers addressed the school children regarding Independence Day.

Mr. Adi Narayana Reddy has donated pens to all the school children on this occasion. At the end all the children were given Sweets and chocolates. Because of Swine Flu were ended early. All the children left the school by 11-00 AM.

Volunteers: Gangadhar, Pavan Pyda and Kishore

08-08-2009: wetaught students how to introduce them to strangers and asked them to write Dairy in English so that they can improve vocabulary.Many students learnt multiplication tables also

Volunteers: KhajaSharief and Pavan Pyda

01-08-2009: Anil BVN went to school. Unfortunately one NGO conducted Essay Writing Competition on Saturday, so he didn’t get time for teaching.

11-07-2009: It was good to see the enthusiasm in the students. But the sad part being that the language was Telugu and I could not myself understand some terms which are specific like Poorna Sankyalu for Whole numbers. Sahaja Sankhyalu for Natural Numbers etc. But on the overall I could mange to teach them something.

We got to spend some time with the Science teacher also to know the available items for the labs (phsyics, chemistry and biology) in the school. And if possible provide some Lab kit from the Honeywell Community Service Board.

That wraps up the visit details. It was a good experience although a challenging one to take control of the students.

Volunteer: Shobha Laya

13-03-2009 Friday: Pavan Pyda attended Saraswathi Pooja @ Vivek Nagar school. They celebrated very enthusiastically. We saw lot of sadness on 10th class student’s faces because of their last day @ school. We took one group photo with all. Please see some pictures here.

Photos: Click here

21-02-2009: Painting session 2 given by Mr. Raghavendra

14-02-2009: Planetarium visit:

Lat Saturday Neeraja went to Vivek Nagar School for the Planetarium visit. The number of students who participated in the visit was 38.Two of the teachers also accompanied the students.

The visit was very exciting in the sense that they could corelate to what they would have learnt in their textbooks.Neeraja also spoke to Mr. HR Madhusudhan of the Planetarium and he said that he could help us conduct some more demos.

The only problem is that he is short of resources who could help him explaining the models and movie clips that he has with him.

He also suggested that since we are engineers we cold carry out fabrication of some models which requires some basic mechanical and electrical work, these models can be taken to schools and demonstrated.

Photos: Click here

Volunteer: Neeraja Chigulla

Republic Day Celebrations

26-01-2009: Let us pledge on this gracious occasion that we will put our heart and soul together to keep this invaluable hard earned freedom.

They started with Flag hoisting by the chief guest (Mr. Narayana Reddy, Building donor) followed by cultural events. Indeed it was a treat to watch the effortless and stunning performances by school children.

Children from all classes participated with their characteristic exuberance and vigor. They showed keen interest in listening about the freedom fighters and were clearly galvanized by freedom spirit.

Later, it was followed by prize distribution to the winners of the games conducted by To Make A Difference group. Bujji Babu (Pavan Pyda's Colleague) is the sponsor for these events. Thanks a lot to Bujji for supporting us. Also as a token of appreciation we presented mementos to the staff and other actively participated teachers in the school.

Guests and school management acknowledged our efforts and welcomed our suggestions for further scope. Indeed it reminded us of our school days, and we were literally feeling like going back to school.

Photos: Click here

Kishore brought 40 (1st Prize) and 20 (2nd Prize) quiz books but we distributed only 25 and 20 books respectively. We have to bear the remaining 15 books cost and packing which comes around Rs.291

Volunteers: Krishna Prasad, Kishore, Srinath, Anil A, Neeraja and Pavan Pyda

24-01-2009: Kishore and Pavan Pyda went to school and conducted Kabaddi and Kho Kho games for boys and girls respectively.

17-01-2009:: We conducted Lemon & Spoon, Throwing rings, Beating the Bucket (Blind fold game) and Musical chairs for both Boys and Girls separately. They enjoyed a lot. Please see the below link for photos.

Student’s Words:Sir, we haven’t played these games so far. Please conduct games regularly.”

Photos: Click here for sports pics

Prizes: Small pocket dictionaries brought by Kishore

Sponsor: Bujji Babu Ambarapu(our colleague)

27-12-2008: Srinath and Pavan Pyda went to school. They took English and Maths classes for 8th and 9th std respectively. As the attendance is less due to Christmas Holidays, we are not able to conduct sports.

20-12-2008: Shiva, Srinath and Pavan Pyda went to school. We conducted Lemon & Spoon, Throwing rings and Musical chairs for both Boys and Girls separately. They enjoyed a lot. Please see the below link for photos.

Photos : Click here for sports pics

13-12-2008: Srinath talked to Ramu sir regarding conducting sports activities to students. This sports session will start from coming Saturday onwards.

06-12-2008: We conducted Quiz program today. Students participated enthusiastically. Seshu acted as a Quiz master. Pradeep brought Quiz books from Madanapalli, without that we couldn’t have conducted Quiz program at Vivek Nagar School successfully

Photos: Click here

Event Cost: Rs. 930

Prizes: Geometry boxes and Pencil boxes

Volunteers: Srinath, Seshu, Kishore, Madhu, Anil, Jithu, Pradeep and Pavan Pyda.

29-11-2008: Due to rains, Quiz is postponed to coming Saturday (Dec 6th).

22-11-2008: Srinath, Kishore taught Maths and English to the students of 8th and 9th std.

We are going to conduct Quiz on next Saturday.


4 teams (2-8th std and 2-9th std)

4 rounds

1) General round (pass on available, 20 sec of time permits)

2) Rapid round (no pass on, 5 questions for each team)

3) Photo identification round (Persons/Buildings/Monuments/Logos etc..)

4) English: Scrabble, fill of the blanks with vowels only (Animals/Flowers/Cities etc..)

Eg:-L- PH-NT, G-R-FF-, B-NG-L-R- etc..


Maths: True/False (Eg: -1000 > -2000, 1 power 0 = 2 power 0, square root of 125 > cube root of 125, 0.1 < 0.005 etc..)

Time: 8AM-10AM

Date: 29-11-08 (Saturday)

Pavan Pyda and teachers will finalize the questions, photos and prizes to 1st, 2nd teams and audience on Thursday

01-11-2008: Students are going to participate in Disha’08 competition (like Science Fare) which will be held on 6th December. Aruna gave ideas to students regarding applications of Capillarity for purifying water. They are going to present this.

Due to temperature outside, we can’t conduct this event outside during 10 AM to 11.30 AM. She is not ready to allot the time slot of PET class (8.00 AM-9.30 AM). She is expecting quiz books to all the participants for preparation. We won’t get these books in Telugu here. If anyone of you have quiz books, please share with them. Only 8th and 9th std students will participate in this event. She asked me to conduct quiz exam. It is like exam not like quiz program in my view. HM will let us know the pros/cons for conducting Quiz competition by Thursday evening.

We will arrange one more session in Painting by Mr. Raghavendra after quiz program.

04-10-2008: Keerthi and Seshu are preparing the content for teaching English .Request for more volunteers for teaching Maths and English.

Students are invited to participate in Disha’08 competition (like Science Fare) which will be held on end of November. They have to prepare model and give presentation to audience. If anybody has ideas and experience regarding this, please share with us. They are expecting support from us.

Mr. Raghavendra, Artist from Pidilite gave session on Basic concepts in painting. Students participated very enthusiastically and enjoyed a lot. They are looking for one more session. As they have holidays till the end of October, we can arrange one more session in next month.

We can plan activities like Quiz competition, Sports etc. on the eve of Children’s Day. Suggestions are most welcome.

21-09-2008:Pullarao, Keerthi, Kishore went to Vivek Nagar School. At around 10:15am Raghavendra from Pidilite come to the school. Since school will be closed by 11:45am, we planned only one session. So we club 8th and 9th and given the session.

The class is interesting. Raghavendra started with Geometrical Shapes and how to draw pictures very easily with those shapes.At the end of the class he gave one assignment to the children for the next class, where he will teach how to color the drawings. It was nice. He can't speak Telugu completely. But we are translated where ever it is required. Controlling the class was bit tuff as we clubbed both the classes.

The session will definitely benefit the students. But I feel it is better to give the session only to the interested students because many other students are simply drawing whatever is there on board. They are not listening what he is explain.

During the talk with the Raghavendra.. I come to know that he know every thing related to crafts, no matter whether it is paper, or pottery. He knows other things as well. I think you might also know that.

Independence Day 2008 Celebrations

15-08-2008:TMAD Bangalore celebrated Independance Day at Vivek Nagar Primary School. They were too good. Children performed very well. There are many children who have good talent. The face expression while performing dances, some children done very well. One student performed dance for song from Shivaji. He danced so well that every one clapping throughout the song.

We conducted painting competition with the help of Tavant Technologies and Pidilite. Pidilite charges Rs.10 for each as registration fee. Tavant has given Rs 2000 which are adjusted towards registration fee and gifts. Mrs Yamini, HR manager from Tavant honored the chief guest. After cultural programs she gave certificates and prizes to the winners of painting competition. TMAD conducted competition for 8th, 9th and 10th class and gave First, Second and Consolation prizes for each class. TMAD given to certificates to all those participated in the competition to encourage.

Photos: Click here

Volunteers: Shoba, Keerthi, Jayaram, Pullarao, Srinath and Pavan Pyda

07-07-2008: We are going to teach Basic Maths and English to the students of 8th – 10th standard on every Saturday coming from this week. In addition to this, we are planning to conduct one event like Essay writing, Elocution, Painting etc. per month to improve their Personal skills.

15-06-2008: Gopi, Srinath and Aruna visited school today(sat). It was a nice experience.

We interacted with students of class 9th, and got to know their interests on the subjects.

Initially we started with prose reading. Then switched over to preliminary mathematics.

Hopefully we get to go for the purpose.

We even interacted with Ramu sir. Following are their needs :

1) Hindustan Petroleum is providing them Computers, but they are in need of teachers.

We told him, when he discussed with our group, one can come down in weekend and teach them computers.

2) Keerthi told us to ask him about bus passes. Ramu sir would be giving us the list of students who are really in need of bus pass.Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday EOD. Basing on this we can arrange them bus passes. Each pass costs Rs 575.

3) Ramu sir asked our group to arrange 2 fans for the school (staff room).

Volunteers: Seshu, Anil A, Gopi, Keerthi, Srinath

28-07-2007: Laya will prepare the list of activities to be conducted every week. Keerthi and Vineel will accompany her.

13-01-2007:Visit to Govt School at Vivek Nagar at 10 AM. Called school teacher, asked permission to take classes for students. They agreed. Sankar sir is going to tell about usage of dictionary.

07-01-2007: As the last few days are holidays for the students and we could not go on the last weekend, the activities will start from the coming weekend.

16-12-2006: Started classes

25-11-2006: Provided great leader’s biography, story, literature, moral books and dictionaries for Library

Expenses: Rs.2426

04-11-2006: Rajasekhar and Pavan Pyda visited the school at Vivek Nagar on Saturday and talked to HM. They need library, teaching materials for Science, Social and Maths and sports items. We are interested to support only for education now. If anybody interested to give sports items they can do. It is better to post the list of items in the web site.


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