Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in Eco Friendly Way




To Make A Difference has been doing campaign for Eco-Friendly Ganesha for past 8 years and have ensure 7420 idols Eco-Friendly Ganesha were delivered. This means a huge difference as 7420 Plaster of Paris (POP) did not go into lakes.


Eco Friendly Ganesha were delivered to apartment associations and public. Also, stalls were placed at various places in Bangalore by TMAD to increase availability of Clay Ganesha idols for Eco friendly lovers. In 2017, we delivered 45 idols of 3ft and 3.5ft. Isn't that a big difference to our lakes???


Also, our prices were atleast 30-40% lower than road side stalls and more than 70% lower and sometimes just 10% of the cost at online shops.  Our motto is to make contribution to our environment and at the same time, make idols ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE to all people.




We have closed our orders.

If you haven't placed order, you can still pick ip up from one of the below stalls. However, the stalls are open for public and are first come first serve basis. So, be the early bird and pick up the idol of your choice.



Location Timings Google Map Location
Sri Venkateswara Temple, BEML Layout (Near Hypercity Mall, Kundalahalli signal)  12th Sep (9AM-1PM) and (4PM-7PM ) https://goo.gl/maps/66mqU346Tb62
Above NuLook Parlor,  Bellandur 11th Sep (7AM-10AM) and (4.30PM-5.30PM)
12th Sep (7AM-10AM)
Green Glen layout, Bellandur 12th Sep (4PM-5PM) https://goo.gl/maps/d8qpz2ac9RD2
Adarsh Palm Retreat Phase 3 Condominiums, Clubhouse Corridor (Outside Banquet Hall), Devarabisanahalli, next to Intel  11th Sep (3PM-8PM) https://goo.gl/maps/UiAvJPrnxz42
Sobha Jasmine Club House, Green Glen Layout, Bellandur  12th Sep (5:30-6PM)  




Size of Ganesha

Cost (in Rs.)


9 in



1ft (12 in)



15 in



1.5 ft (18in)












Gowri 4 in



Gowri 6 in





Below are the images from vendor. These are for representational purpose only to show the workmanship.

Detailing will change based on mould designs being used.




Our current prices are as below 

(All our idols are made of pure clay and no paints are used.)





Most of you who are returning to this page are aware of our  how we have done last year. We would like to thank you for your continued support. For new comers, we would like to put across some important information if you would like to order from us.

  • 3ft and 3.5ft are difficult to make compared to 2ft and hence the cost increases exponentially. 
  • All Kadugodi orders will have to be picked up from Balaji temple, BEML layout (Behind Hyper city mall)
  • Delivery only made for areas Sarjapur road/Bellandur and Bannerghatta for only Bigger idols
  • Delivery will be done from Morning to Night on 11 and 12 Sep. No deliveries on 13th. Due to weekday traffic, we prefer to delivery early morning or late night. Request your/security staff cooperation for this one time activity. Unable to take exceptions here due to volume of orders.
  • Please provide alternate numbers which are reachable.
  • No mail orders/phone orders will be accepted. Only orders filled through order booking form will be accepted.
  • Confirmation mail will be sent in 48-72 hours once we receive the order. Request you to order as early as possible for ease of delivery and confirmation.
  • We shall send separate mails for date and expected time of delivery.
  • Stalls will be put across various locations as in previous years (like in bellandur, whitefield, Sarjapur road). You can as well pick it from stall. No delivery charges apply.
  • Clay Ganesha reduce size as it loses moisture. That's property of Clay. Bigger idols (2ft, 3ft, 3.5ft) may lose from 1 inch - 3inch. Also, color may be from lighter to darker shades of grey depending on clay. We cannot guarantee the exact color shade.


Previous Years Activity


  • 2017 Activities - Delivered 830 Clay Ganesha Idols (includes #45 3ft/3.5ft idols)
  • 2016 Activities - Delivered 811 Clay Ganesha Idols (includes #40 3ft/3.5ft idols)
  • 2015 Activities - Delivered 927 Clay Ganesha Idols (includes #20 ~3ft idols)
  • 2014 Activities - Delivered 1106 Clay Ganesha idols in Bangalore. 
  • 2013 Activities - Delivered 2102 Clay Ganesha idols in Bangalore 
  • 2012 Activities - Delivered 795 Clay Ganesha idols in Bangalore and 586 in Hyderabad 
  • 2011 Activities - Delivered 238 Clay Ganesha idols in Bangalore
  • 2010 Activities - Delivered 25 Clay Ganesha idols in Bangalore


In a Nutshell about need for Eco-Friendly Ganesha

These can be summarized to be the following:

1. The water pollution caused by the immersion of Plaster of Paris idols into natural water bodies.

2. The water pollution caused by chemical paints used on these idols.

For some years now we have been observing a growing awareness about the water pollution caused by the immersion of Ganesh idols made out of Plaster of Paris, in natural water bodies such as lakes, rivers and the sea. While idols made out of naturally occurring clay (shaadu in Marathi) dissolve within hours of immersion in water, PoP idols may take anywhere between several months to years to fully dissolve. In addition, when chemical paints are used to decorate the idols, these paints contain heavy metals such as mercury and lead, which seep into the water as the idol dissolves.

Red, blue, orange and green colours are known to have higher content of mercury, zinc oxide, chromium and lead. Even a single drop of mercury on a person’s skin can be fatal. One drop in a 20-acre lake can make the fish poisonous to the birds, animals, and people that eat them.


 Join hands with TMAD NGO in Making A Difference to the environment!!

  • Say no to idols made of chemical, Plaster of Paris, clay, plastic, thermocol (polystyrene). Opt for natural, biodegradable material so that after immersions (visarjan) it does not pollute water and surroundings.
  • Use natural biodegradable colours for making Rangoli such as turmeric, henna, mehendi, rice powder, gulaal. Such colours do not pose a threat to human health and do not affect the environment also.
  • Replace traditional bulbs such as incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFL). Use energy efficient CFL tubes instead of bulbs to save electricity. Coloured papers can also be wrapped on bulbs to give more colours rather than buying expensive bulbs.
  • You can use artificial tank or artificial immersion tank instead of natural water source like river, lake or pond for immersion.
  • Collect separately after the festivals, the offerings of flowers, garlands often called “Nirmalya” and other organic material and put them in a community built compost pit. This compost material can be used to fertilize your garden.
  • Use paper flowers or natural flowers for decoration rather than Plastic. Natural materials like cloth, wood, paper can be used to make dolls, puppets, and bells to decorate around Ganpati idol. 
  • Avoid playing loud music which might create disturbance to others. Mridangam, Tabla and such low sound instruments can be used instead. Loudspeakers can create problem to hospitals, old age homes, and educational institutes.  
  •  Avoid bursting firecrackers that makes huge sounds like atom bombs, hydrogen bombs.  Dharmo rakshati Rakshitaha (Dharma protects those who protect(follows) it). Instead go for flower pots and rockets and that too in limited fashion. 
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