TMAD Covid Relief - Kappaladoddi

We got a request from Lokanatham garu of Kappaladoddi who is a cheneta worker and who has been in touch with us for many years. Though the request was for 400 families we picked the most needy (85 families) based on age and other problems and also due to our fund constraints.

Sreekanth spoke with multiple vendors and purchased the items wherever we get good quality for optimal price. He sent the items through auto, a day before. On the day of distribution, he started early morning at 4 am from Vijayawada, along with his friend, and has to stop his car at multiple places and explain the purpose of travel to the police officials.

Lokanatham garu: +91 93462 76935.

Date of Purchase: 7th May, 2020

Date of Distribution: 8th May, 2020

Volunteers: Sreekanth Anne, Ch. Sreenivas, Lokanatham garu, 

Expenses: Rs. 1,05, 995

  • Provisions - Rs. 86870 
  • Black Gram - 85 kgs - 100 rs.  per kg - Rs. 8,500 
  • Pickles - 85 packets - 125 rs. per packet (0.5 kg) - Rs. 10625

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