TMAD Covid Relief - Kovvali

One of our members, Rajanikanth, knew a nurse, Prashanthi, for quite some time. She approached him for help in our native place, Kovvali, mostly for senior citizens and women.

TMAD facilitated help through our volunteers but no monetary support. One of our volunteers from Eluru, Smt. RLV Prasanna, requested an NGO to distribute in Kovvali. She also raised fund and donated 5k to that NGO for this purpose.

Date of Distribution: 13th May, 2020

Area: Kovvali CSI Church, Chinna mallepally, Dendalur Mandalam

Phone number: D Uday Kiran, 7306525007

Volunteers: RLV Prasanna, Prashanthi, U L Prasanthi, Uday Kiran

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