TMAD Covid Relief - Sirisilla

TMAD came to know about Mahesh in the year 2010 when he was nine months old. We supported for his Heart surgery. Later we supported his father, Srinivas, for his ear problem.

TMAD support to Mahesh (Srinivas' son) for his heart operation

TMAD support to Srinivas for his ear operation

Recently he approached us that the amount and rice given by Govt. is not sufficient and it has been very difficult for him to take care of his family. So we purchased Ration for the family.

As we do not have any volunteers locally at Sirisilla, we asked Srinivas to go to any supermarket and purchase and we will pay to the supermarket directly.

Date of Purchase: 28-May-2020

Date of Distribution: 28-May-2020

Expenses: Rs. 2000

Donors: TMAD Group Fund

Volunteers: Silpa Pagadala, Kishore Javvaji, Sreekanth Anne, U L Prasanthi